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March 10, 2015

The Tribe Experiment Day 14

  Shine Like a Boss   Whether we realize it or not, we’re all connected. Consciously or unconsciously, we all carry the light inside us, and we’re exchanging and reflecting (and sometimes dimming, sometimes hiding) it with one another. Always. Today I’d like you to consider how you shine. How have you been someone’s lifeboat or ladder? Someone’s firework? It’s easy for us to play games of gratitude and list all we’ve received from mentors, muses, family and friends. It’s harder for us to talk about ourselves: how and when and why were are light bearers who help another, help […]
March 8, 2015

The Tribe Experiment Day 12

Stories: A Legacy That magic you felt as a child when you opened your favorite books? That longing stirred up when, as a teenager, you explored new worlds and bold ideas between the pages of a tale? The feeling, even now, when a story opens up a space in you that you felt long ago passed into obscurity? This little 15 minute film captures it all. It is a priceless gem. The pure magic of books. The life-giving essence of story. The authors and voices that came before you, that sit on your shelves, and lay under your pillow, keeping you […]
March 7, 2015

The Tribe Experiment Day 11

            Snapshots Once upon a time there was a dog named Izzy. Once upon a time she was diagnosed with an enlarged heart, which would eventually kill her. Once upon a time I had to live with the shadow of death, every day, all day, and decide how to REALLY live, befriending the shadow but choosing the light. This is a snapshot from that story. _____________________________ “All of life is saying goodbye.” I’m musing on that quote, and Izzy’s nebulous prognosis, as we climb into the car. We’re headed to the park for our ritual […]
March 6, 2015

The Tribe Experiment Day 10

  The Lottery When Silas and I need a pick-me-up, when it seems to be raining crap and we’re feeling particularly uninspired or disappointed or gloomy, we play a little game. It’s called Who Won the Lottery. After we’ve slogged through how upsetting something is, or how terribly hurt we are, of how many things just aren’t going well at all, one of us will turn to the other and say “Who won the lottery?” That’s the cue. The other person’s eyes will go all soft focus and start talking about love, in one way or another. “The day I […]