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March 8, 2015
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Shine Like a Boss


Whether we realize it or not, we’re all connected. Consciously or unconsciously, we all carry the light inside us, and we’re exchanging and reflecting (and sometimes dimming, sometimes hiding) it with one another. Always.

Today I’d like you to consider how you shine. How have you been someone’s lifeboat or ladder? Someone’s firework?

It’s easy for us to play games of gratitude and list all we’ve received from mentors, muses, family and friends. It’s harder for us to talk about ourselves: how and when and why were are light bearers who help another, help ourselves.

I witnessed this phenomenon first hand when at a soul retreat in the green, wet woods of Whidbey Island. After a few days of sacred exchange, each of us sitting in circle, using a talking stick to speak one at a time (and really be heard) we entered into a kind of “I See You” exchange. The person holding the talking stick was allowed to speak about the wonder and beauty they see in other members of the group, reflecting back to the center of the circle all they had “received” energetically from each person. BUT THEN! During the next session, the exercise shifted, so that the person holding the talking stick had to be quiet, and had to RECEIVE positive regard from each person in the circle.

Nobody reached for the talking stick.

For days, everyone had reached for the stick when they wanted to speak, when they wanted to GIVE their ideas, opinions, reflections. But when it was time to RECEIVE – and praise at that? – no one reached for the stick. It sat lonely and expectant, holding its breath, in the center of the circle, until the leader of the group grabbed it and let us speak our praise to her, setting an example and easing the tension for the next person (who still received it sheepishly.)

I’m challenging you to get over your reservations about self-praise, and dig deep. Take the talking stick and allow the stories that come out of you to reflect some of your gleaming moments.

How have YOU shown up? How have YOU given light or hope or inspiration to another? Take some time today to reflect on that, and share it with us.

We want to revel in your shine. And delight in the radiance of our tribe.

Take the stick. Tell a story. How do you carry your light like a BOSS?

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