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March 10, 2015
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March 12, 2015
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The Tribe Experiment Day 15




Fanning the Flames


Is it hot in here or is it just me? No, it’s really hot in here. ‘Cuz we’ve been fanning the inspiration flames for a couple of weeks now. It’s not surprising the soul’s temperature is rising.

When you get excited about something, they say “you’ve got the hots” for it. I got the hots for sharing depth and meaning and friendship. I got the hots for truth, vulnerability and creativity. I got the hots for this tribe.

And, because I am a muse, I got the hots for your dream. Not just your dream, but it’s coming-trueness.

Tell me something you’d like to do. It can be little or big. It can be something *this* close to you or *that* far away. But let’s hear it. Im gonna write it down, claim it done, and then I’m gonna fan the flames of possibility while you prepare the ground for probability. I’m gonna issue a permission slip for you, that allows you to change your thinking from “why it won’t work” to “why not?”

Im also gonna stand next to you as you murder Mediocrity. It’s time has come, and it wants to be released from your life. Let’s go all Jack Kevorkian on it’s ass and help it depart your world. Then we’ll stand over its dead body and put it in the ground.

Dust our hands off. And go have a beer.

This tribe? This muse? We’re not just about a daily drop in. We’re a real life line. A soul kindred. A cheering section. I know, because I’ve fielded messages from some of you about your desire to support each other, to support me. And frankly, it gives me the hots.

Tell me your dreams, hot stuff. And lets, together, fan those flames.

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