Welcome to Wonderland

Our Artist Retreat

Wonderland is real. You can visit.

Located in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, in a tiny artist village among the pink Sangre de Cristo mountains, lives Wonderland, my very own cabinet of curiosities.

I needed a place to house the menagerie of magical souvenirs found on my Wondering Hunting expeditions, so I opened my own artist retreat and museum, where you can dream, explore and create.

Take a workshop or design a creative retreat here. Attend one of our immersive themed events at the Midnight Dinner Circus or the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

Juice up your creative projects by spending a weekend in our Caravan of Dreams bohemian vardo wagon.

Spend a week writing your book in our enchanted library. It’s hosted by a talking dragon, but that’s another story entirely.

So let's pretend! You've flown a hot air balloon from Oz by way of Neverland and landed in the magical, bohemian realm of Taos.

We've greeted you at the door with a cup of gooseberry tea and a tall flask of bright green absinthe. (Take your pick.) You enter the red-walled adobe courtyard, filled with winking yellow sunflowers, orange poppies and pink hollyhocks.

The smell of sagebrush and rainbows fill the air. A pocket watch attached to a white rabbit scurries past your feet and through the open door. If you follow those twitching whiskers through the rabbit-hole door, this is some of what you might see....