Hi. I'm Angi.

I’m addicted to wonder. There, I said it.

I make videos, sing songs and write books that encourage wonder out in the world and inside the soul.

The very first video I made was for my inspired artist agency Duirwaigh Gallery in 2004. It was meant to be a love letter to the artists I represented, letting them know my agency would promote and defend their magical place in a practical world.

A Knock at the Door went viral before the age of YouTube in a person-to-person email phenomenon that circled the globe many times, inspiring over 4.5 million people.

My next video My Wish for You went on to surpass the first. It finally landed on YouTube some years ago and has been a fan favorite.

Events might be my very favorite thing.

Travel around the world to discover the secret places social media doesn’t know about yet? YES. Traveling to well known places and creating my own wonder in the heart of a place? YES. Hosting wonder-events in my own back yard? Absolutely!

I love bringing people together in the spirit of pied-piper enchantment.

Here’s one of my favorite events from the day my husband and I said “I do” in the Red Queen’s Garden at Wonderland.

You’d be surprised what you find when you open your heart up to the presence of wonder. It often hides in plain sight where you’d least think to look.

Like the day I met this little guy. A newborn mouse whose parents had built him a nest in my gym shoe, using my very precious and one-of-a-kind Cirque du Soleil scarf.

I wasn’t a happy camper that day, but the foul mood didn’t last. I fell in love with this delicate miracle and his tiny self transformed my life in an epic way.

It remains the littlest big love story I’ve ever known.

When I’m not hunting wonder or making it, I’m encouraging women to discover who they are before the world told them who they should be. I preach from my studio in Taos, New Mexico, from a pulpit in California, on the side of the road in Barcelona, Paris or Budapest.

Anywhere the inspiration strikes, the Muse will speak.

And sing. I love to sing. Life is a Wonder Cabaret after all. And no matter how dark and dreary it is out there in the “real” world, in here, life is beautiful. And traumatic. And hopeful. And anxious. And dazzling. And hard. And tasty. And sad. And overwhelming. And wild.

Like I said, beautiful.

We might as well laugh. And SING!

I hope you come into this cabaret like Alice: curiouser and curiouser. And leave lighter, brighter, inspired.

Angi's Sort-of Official Bio

Known as “The Muse” by her fans, Angi ignites inspiration wherever she goes. Playful, poetic, bright, deeply expressive and armed with a standup comic’s sense of humor, Angi is an engaging writer and an electric speaker, creating a one-woman performance like no other. Described by one reviewer as a curious mix of Dr. King and Dr. Seuss, Angi delivers deeply soul-stirring messages with humorous, whimsical wit. Audiences leave her performances enchanted, dipped in remembered magic, ready to create new and visionary works on the canvas of their lives.

Before the era of YouTube, Angi created the short inspirational film “A Knock at the Door” that went viral, garnering over four million fans. She is the author of “Doorways and Dreamfields: A True Fairy Tale”, “A Knock at the Door,” “Digital Art Wonderland,” and highlights from her popular Message from the Muse blog were collected into her first audio book “Flaming Muse: Matchstick Tales that Ignite the Soul.”

As the founder and president of Duirwaigh Studios, a transmedia design studio creating products and services that inspire soulful imagination, she has helped artists and aspiring creatives find their unique voice, while molding a space in today’s market for creative consciousness. Her words and original works of art with partner Silas Toball can be found on hundreds of greeting cards, calendars, journals and collectibles worldwide.

Angi lives in the Land of Enchantment. Literally. "Land of Enchantment" is on all the license plates in Taos, New Mexico where she lives with her husband Silas and their menagerie of wonder. That pretty much says it all. Mostly.

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