Symbol Speak

The Art of Communicating with Soul

Life speaks. The world speaks. In fact, we might consider our entire life a conversation with the Universe.

Most of us look for guidance in times of struggle or strife, and occasionally during times of intense joy and wonder. But life is speaking to us all the time. The portal - or duirwaigh - that ushers the conversation into our consciousness is soul.

And the soul’s primary language is symbol.

Cave drawings, story, tarot cards, the I Ching, dreams, totems, talismans, archetypal psychology, personal and transpersonal myth, the Hero with a Thousand Faces. Since time out of mind humans have been relating to the divine through symbol, seeking to understand their place in the world, receive divine guidance on their journey, and take their place in the great conversation that is their one precious life.

You are no exception.

You're willing to show up, engage with life, work hard, do your part...if only you had clearer direction.

You want to play, to laugh, to create at your highest potential, and it would help if you had a map. You want to engage with life in meaningful and purposeful ways, and you'd like that purpose to be derived from -and created by- the clarity of your unique truth, your own personal guidance system.

It requires no special talent. We all have the skill inside us. It's just that most of us were never trained how to use it.

Communing with the Divine can be one of life's greatest pleasures, and it yields powerful directives - deeply personal ones - for our lives. And while the world is full of ideas and opinions on how best to live our lives, the wisdom of the sages is found right there, in your soul, as it converses with the Divine.

The conversation takes place in the intuitive realm, through the form of signs and symbols.

Learn how to read and interpret those symbols, so you can tune into the conversation the Universe is having with your soul, and reap the rewards of the lush, generous, wise counsel found there.

SYMBOL SPEAK is a move-at-your-own-pace e-course. Our journey will include such topics as:

  • Your Journey and the Symbolic Life
  • Your personal symbol lexicon
  • Living, Dream and Animal symbols
  • Traveling with the Archetypes
  • Working with the symbols & Trusting your intuition
  • Integrating "The Conversation" into your life

Materials: Videos, exercises and all course materials will be delivered to your email inbox so that you can move at your own pace. If you watch one video per week, and complete the exercises, the course should take 2-4 hours per week and be complete in 4 weeks.


What you’ll need

  • a computer with internet access
  • a journal
  • a sense of adventure
  • time and accountability - while you can move at your own pace, this class was designed to take 2 hours each week for four weeks. No matter what pace is right for you, you’ll want time to watch the videos, and complete the challenge questions and exercises, to best integrate the material and make it a part of your life.

What you’ll receive

  • 5 hours of video instruction
  • weekly/daily challenges & exercises
  • supportive material to discover your personal tarot symbol and numerology
  • bonus reading materials list
  • bonus film list

Join us, and enter The Conversation of Your Life.

Price: $189 US