That tribe you ache to come home to?

That bliss you yearn to follow?

That book you want to write?

That art you hope to make?


I’m convinced it’s right there. Right inside you. There’s no magic school that’s going to certify you to follow your dreams. No workshop or institution will unlock the secrets so you can revel in your joie de verve, find your kindred, live your fairy tale, evolve to the next level of you-ness, unleash your talents fully or attain a life of thriving.

Except PLAY.


Little Children Hands doing Fingerpainting

(PLAY is the key to everything.)


We knew it without knowing it as kids. Doesn’t it always go back to when we were kids? Skipping across parking lots, climbing trees, finger painting, playing doctor with the preacher’s son.

No? You didn’t kanoodle the preacher’s son when no one was looking?

Me neither. (Mostly.)

But you were playing. You were making up nonsense songs and broadcasting them loudly to your stuffed animals. Or, if you weren’t safe, you were humming them quietly to your tennis shoes. Every moment was an opportunity for a game, an adventure, a musical, a wild and glorious imagining, and you took those moments and sucked them dry without a thought of consequence or a squeamish of guilt.


And the inner critic was quiet.


You didn’t go ask Heather Hodges about the hues and contours of your painting. No. You furiously raked your brick red crayon over that scratchy construction paper, and marched your masterpiece over to anyone who would look at it. “It’s FIRE!” You’d exclaim, all hot and bothered by the flames. Of course it should be hung on the walls of your 1st grade classroom. Of course it should decorate your mother’s refrigerator.

And as soon as it was out of your hands you forgot about it, sashaying yourself out to the swing set to play a game of touch-the-sky.

Play is instinctive. It may go underground to survive, but we’re born with the ability to imagine, create, joke, dance, rollick, revel. And when we play? We unleash. We cast off. We let go. We allow.




When we play, we return home.
To the original self.
To soul.


When you play now, as an adult, you grow bold with daring, and young with joy. An inner channel opens up, a pipeline to the Divine, and you know certain things. You know the next step to take. You know what feels good. You know it’s ok risk. You knowwhere you need to make room, make way, let go.

You know where you belong.


I’m a muse, and the Pied Piper of PLAY. My specialty is soul-grounded, high flying inspiration. I’ve been helping artists, writers, dreamers, creators, misfits, hopefuls, mothers, uncles, romantics and cynics alike find their PLAY, their joie de verve, their sweetest and highest and most zestful self.




And I won’t have to worry about you once you depart. You’ll leave floating on a cloud of inspiration, sometimes racing, sometimes dancing home to get to your playful hands on the canvas of your life.

Whether you need to rekindle your soul’s mojo, ignite a new passion, tingle with new (and probable) possibilities, infuse your life canvas with more color, or have a family reunion with your tribe of gypsy souls…

your hot mess of a brick-red-fire muse is waiting for you. “FIRE!”

Come home. Come play.

All hot and bothered by the flames,





September 2016 in Taos, New Mexico


Our PLAY will include:

Free style soul collage
Writing gigs (no experience necessary)
A Tour of Wonderland (Duirwaigh Studios)
A Mad Tea Party in Wonderland (bring a hat)
A Visit to the Rio Grande Gorge
Nightly salons & Entertainment(bring anything that inspires you)
Juicy muse play prompts to jump start your creative flow
A treasure hunt
Musing Musing Musing!


What else is included?



magJuicy Conversations.


11041752_888392734545278_2703704297636032928_nNew direction




Ziegfeld Model - Non-Risque - Dancers by Alfred Cheney JohnstonDancing




10393763_10202937865759541_7361208293383567021_nSome of this


vintage new orleans children dancing 1920s 1Some of this


10603601_322832737916563_9047682831328565371_nAnd alot of this


The Digs

Mabel Dodge Luhan House


The Mabel Dodge Luhan house is a historic treasure. It’s dreamy and romantic, antique and rich in spirit. But that’s now why we chose it. We chose it because of Mabel. Mabel traded in her 5th Avenue New York Society lifestyle to become a Bohemain matron. Mabel was…

a muse
a salon hostess
an art patroness
a writer
a pioneer (sound vaguely familiar?)
a self-appointed savior of humanity  (sounding really familiar?)
a woman of profound contradictions (sounding awfully familiar?)


mabel-1345013-320x240Mabel in the early 1900’s hosting one of her salons.


mabel-1007174Mabel in the 30’s/40’s on the steps of the house. That’s D.H. Lawrence’s wife Frieda with the ciggy.


The energy of the land, the history of the buildings, and the creative heritage of this place will leave you soaked with inspiration. After all, Georgia O’Keefe stayed here, and it changed her life. D.H. Lawrence? He lived here. (And painted the window–which remain today–so that the grounds keepers wouldn’t be able to see his beloved while bathing.) Ansel Adams,Martha Graham, Frida Kahlo, the list of artists who were drawn across country (in a time when it took days to cross the country) to muse and create in this place goes on and on.

And now it will include you.

Read more about Mabel and her astounding home and legacy.


The Particulars:

4 nights accommodation at the Mabel Dodge House OR our adobe party pads*
ALL meals except our last dinner- Three gourmet meals a day (Seriously. Gorgeous. Food.)**
Daily workshops and play
Nightly salons & entertainment
Tour of Duirwaigh Studios
Tea Party in Wonderland
Visit to the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge
Visit to the Taos Pueblo

*When spots at Mabel’s are sold out, Camp will take place there and meals too, but housing will take place in beautiful local Taos adobes. We have two gorgeous locations, affectionately known as “the party pads.”

**One last meal together will be a candle light dinner in a historic chapel (not included in package cost)


Optional Activities: (additional fees apply)
Hot air balloon ride
Ojo Caliente Mineral Spa
Add on 2 days/1 night Santa Fe
In room massage

Please visit our FAQ page to learn more!


Secure your spot for Muse Camp September 2016

with a downpayment of $300 until we have all the details and exact dates.

I'll be posting more here about transportation, airports, what to bring lists, and other fun goodies, including a play list of music to set the mood. So check back!  

I can't FREAKIN' WAIT to see you! This is me... until September...