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March 7, 2015
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Stories: A Legacy

That magic you felt as a child when you opened your favorite books? That longing stirred up when, as a teenager, you explored new worlds and bold ideas between the pages of a tale? The feeling, even now, when a story opens up a space in you that you felt long ago passed into obscurity?

This little 15 minute film captures it all. It is a priceless gem.

The pure magic of books. The life-giving essence of story. The authors and voices that came before you, that sit on your shelves, and lay under your pillow, keeping you warm company during the long quiet of the soul’s winter nights. And you, in the middle of all of it all. Your life, your story, and the way your tale reads to the lives coming up behind you?

These are the themes of The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore.

We’re all pages in a never-ending story.

Your story matters. You matter.

Watch this film. And then tell me a story.


What were your favorite stories growing up?

What are your favorite books now?

How did the most influential stories of your life shape you?

What can you do to honor those whose stories have influenced, shaped, and inspired your own?

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