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October 12, 2014

Seussical Salvage

i’ve heard tell of This and i’ve heard tales of That but what i really want is a Cat in the Hat he made a fine mes i’ll grant you it’s so but he cleaned up quite nice when t’was time to go so i look ’round my house at the clutter and dust and makes notes to self: ORDER NOW! IT’S A MUST! but where does one order a clean it up cat with his gadgets and gidgets hidden under his hat? if he’d just pay a visit bring his thingymabob with it’s unclutter button and anti-mess knobs there […]
May 7, 2014

You Are Adored

You may not see itor, more accurately,you may not remember it,but you are a radiant jewel,a burning star in God’s palm. Rainbow-splendored and multi-faceted, you are brilliance incarnate, formed to receive and reflect the light. And you are adored. Forged of emerald cities, ruby slippers and bricks of golden dreams, you are a fairy tale a walking, talking practical magic. A Never-ending story, you unfold, dabbling in wonder and dripping enchantment like pomegranate seeds eaten willingly to form the turning of the seasons. Each chapter of your tale reads “adored.” You are seraphim clouds breathed into the heavens. All cotton-candy […]
May 7, 2014


  I feel shadowed, pursued by an Odyssean star trekking through twilight sails set for dawn– three transpacific flights in forty eight hours plastic oxygen and fluorescent lights aboard a tin can bird in the sky. I’ve just arrived from Bali via Seoul, via Chicago, via Seattle a tattered vagabond, hatches battened for high winds, delayed flights, turbulence. I need a Dewey button for the longest journey ever made to Artfest– maybe a sash and a crown, a bouquet of congratulations. I feel over-pink, saddle sore, like a blister. I need release. I need relief. Sleep. But oh the journey […]