May 7, 2014
Seussical Salvage
October 12, 2014
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You Are Adored

You may not see it
or, more accurately,
you may not remember it,
but you are a radiant jewel,
a burning star in God’s palm.
and multi-faceted,
you are brilliance incarnate,
formed to receive
and reflect the light.
And you are adored.

Forged of emerald cities,
ruby slippers
and bricks of golden dreams,
you are a fairy tale
a walking, talking
practical magic.
A Never-ending story,
you unfold,
dabbling in wonder
and dripping enchantment
like pomegranate seeds
eaten willingly
to form the turning of the seasons.
Each chapter of your tale
reads “adored.”

You are seraphim clouds
breathed into the heavens.
All cotton-candy effortlessness,
you are floating, gentle ease
sweetening both sky and tongue.
And you, the rivers, a
constant journeying onward
singing, always, of flow:
the flow of blood through veins
of breath through lungs
of sands through time that
know no bounds
ephemeral and eternal.
Even the trees whisper your name,
the sigh of falling leaves
trailing in your wake
whisper “adored, adored.”

You are the smile that breaks
into a thousand suns,
the moon balm that mends
a thousand splintered hearts,
the ten thousand beautiful things
breaking open the soul of the world
with beauty
with surrender
with hope.
You are the miracle
standing in the field
of infinite possibility
arms wide open, palms outstretched
receiving every marvel, every beauty,
every sacred and mundane moment
and calling them golden,
all of them, golden.
Yourself, golden.

It is time, now, to see.
It is time, now, to remember.
You are blessed.
You are whole.
You are home.
You are adored.

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