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July 7, 2013

New Haircut

Izzy has a new haircut. Where else to celebrate that than at the coffee shop? With an Iced Italian Cream Soda! Izzy loves the whipped cream. Look mom, I have a neck! Who knew?
May 1, 2013

Ten Years Drunk

“you surround me” “you complete me” “you had me at hello” fuck that shit it’s as simple as this: your soul looked like a plate of chocolate chip cookies wrapped up in devils cake with whipped cream and a side of orgasm i didn’t nibble politely and push away from the table no i scarfed you up scrumptious shoved face first into your deliciousness til my chin and my whole life looked like an ad for slutty betty crocker i feasted on your fairy tale and reveled in your never lands til the insides of my mouth were raw and […]
April 14, 2013

Feed the Truth

So I’m standing outside yesterday having a tiff with my roomie Deb. She’s about to repot the spearmint plants that were given to us the night before by a friendly neighbor. I’m in the middle of a juice fast, and want her to make her famous watermelon juice, so I’ve gone outside to offer my support in the repotting process. I’ve also gone outside to whine. “If I start the soil in the pots will you go make juice? Please oh pleeaaase?” She looks at me with exasperation. I know that look. It’s a you-were-the-one-who-insisted-these-plants-get-potted-today-in-fact-right-now-so-you’ve-got-some-nerve-asking-me-to-do-something-else-when-I’ve-already-started-this-project-at-your-request kind of look. She breathes heavy, […]
April 8, 2013

Isabella’s Rainbow

Izzabella’s Rainbow Red Roses Style. With Annotations. roses are red violets are blue izzy is freckled and smells like the dew (‘cept her breath, which smells like black plague.) cookie’s a monster and kermit is green izzy likes ankles if you know what i mean (she doesn’t bite. but she likes to hump.) oranges are orange lilies are white izzy’s like wind and my heart is a kite (‘cept when she breaks wind. then my heart is a gas mask.) bananas are yellow purples are plum izzy’s a howler we make great singing’ chums (‘cept when we’re off key, then […]