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April 14, 2013
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July 7, 2013
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Ten Years Drunk


“you surround me”
“you complete me”
“you had me at hello”

fuck that shit
it’s as simple as this:
your soul looked like
a plate of chocolate chip cookies
wrapped up in devils cake
with whipped cream
and a side of orgasm
i didn’t nibble politely
and push away from the table


i scarfed you up scrumptious
shoved face first into
your deliciousness
til my chin and my whole life
looked like an ad
for slutty betty crocker

i feasted on your fairy tale
and reveled in your never lands
til the insides of my mouth
were raw and ravaged
and even my spit tasted
like Jolly Roger

fuck Skittles
i can taste the rainbow
right here on your spine

the pages of your heart
some vellum
some dog eared
are sugar stardust xanadu
i lick the corners of our life
and taste the emerald city

our souls dance a
Midsummer Night’s Dream
skin laced in buttercream petals
toes dipped in Oz
spinning gold into honeycomb
on the spindle of a sigh

i wake with pixie dust in my hair
eyelashes full of wonderland
and am hungry again
for kisses like labyrinths
a minotaur at their core
riding me all the way to the center
of a myth
tongue full of
red velvet cake
with fionavar frosting

i swallow your tale whole
throat full of pomegranate
and promises
hymns for hades and hope
cherry cordial wanderlust
ten years drunk
on this Neverending Story

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