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April 7, 2013
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Isabella’s Rainbow

Izzabella’s Rainbow
Red Roses Style. With Annotations.

roses are red
violets are blue
izzy is freckled
and smells like the dew
(‘cept her breath, which smells like black plague.)

cookie’s a monster
and kermit is green
izzy likes ankles
if you know what i mean
(she doesn’t bite. but she likes to hump.)

oranges are orange
lilies are white
izzy’s like wind
and my heart is a kite
(‘cept when she breaks wind. then my heart is a gas mask.)

bananas are yellow
purples are plum
izzy’s a howler
we make great singing’ chums
(‘cept when we’re off key, then it’s all paws over the ears and ‘who let the dogs out’?)

elmo is crimson
barney is purple
we share milkshakes
but it gives us the burbles
(you really didn’t think i was gonna be able to rhyme purple, did you?)

zebras are striped
piglets are pink
izzy packs all ‘dat
AND the kitchen sink
(unless you put her IN the kitchen sink. for a bath. then she ain’t packin’ nothin but attitude.)

springstein is boss
and he wears flannel
but this is about colors
so forget i mentioned it
(i wanted to say something about the color of his flannel and izzy being boss but it just didn’t work out right. stop judging. you’re not the boss of me!)

sunrise is golden
water is clear
when life is too much
she drinks my tears
(she also tries to eat the boogers right outta my nose. but that’s another story)

tigger is bouncy
eeyore is grey
izzy is leaving
but i wish she would stay
(at least until we get our own pyramid.)

rainbows are bridges
from below to above
the colors are many
made of memories and love
(and whiskers and wet noses and feet pads that smell like Fritos.)

izzy’s a rainbow
my soul will enfold
when i cross that last bridge
she’s my pot of gold
(forever and ever. amen abracadabra amen.)

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