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December 3, 2020

Wild Scotland Coast Gives Us a Surprise

Part of being a Wonder Hunter involves striking out without a plan, and leaving the maps behind. When we abandon all pretense of agenda, the surprising and miraculous have space to show up. I adore surprises. Like this one, when we just drove around this rugged island, turning when and where the road spoke to us. And then BAM!
November 21, 2020

How Much Do I Love You?

you ask how much I love you on this Christmas eve allow me to elucidate the truths that I believe:   I’d go deep as Christmas stockings and wide as Santa’s belt I’d fly like reindeer ‘cross the sky for you the snow would melt   I’d make friends with Mars and Venus shake hands with Mister Moon I’d hitch them to my sleigh of stars they’d be yours by afternoon   I’d capture dear old Father Time sneak away his New Year’s clock it will only tick, my dear according to your tock   I’d scale dizzy North Pole […]
November 15, 2020

Carpool FERRYoke

STEVIE NICKS, The Muppets and Using Dental Floss as a Weapon. I give you carpool FERRYoke—singing from the ferry dock on the isle of Lewis in Scotland. This was taped on election day in hopes that we would get a result that would STOP DRAGGING MY HEART AROUND. Leave us a comment to celebrate the end of an abusive relationship