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How Much Do I Love You?

you ask how much I love you
on this Christmas eve
allow me to elucidate
the truths that I believe:
I’d go deep as Christmas stockings
and wide as Santa’s belt
I’d fly like reindeer ‘cross the sky
for you the snow would melt
I’d make friends with Mars and Venus
shake hands with Mister Moon
I’d hitch them to my sleigh of stars
they’d be yours by afternoon
I’d capture dear old Father Time
sneak away his New Year’s clock
it will only tick, my dear
according to your tock
I’d scale dizzy North Pole heights
and climb the southern too
I’d plant a grinning flag on each
that says “always me and you”
I’d swim the channels of Atlantis
diving deep I would retrieve
lost treasure mermaid pearls
to adorn your Christmas tree
I’d hoodwink heaven’s angels
to gather in mass choir
beneath your ice-laced window
winged symphonies of fire
we’ll sing hymns to your beauty
each note a God’s embrace
a serenade of gratitude
for each curve of your sweet face
when morning’s silence brings the dew
and the angels, sighing, depart
I’ll climb up a silken ladder
to reach your ruby-slippered heart
I’ll kiss every halo-ed finger
stroke each fine embroidered line
’round your glory-clouded shoulders
I’ll wrap this brightly woven rhyme
for enfolding me in magic
and giving my heart its chime
I owe you galaxies and back
you’ve infused my life divine
so, to answer your Christmas question
straight from my center and core
dear, I’ll give you Forever
and then I’ll give you More
© Angi Sullins
Share with your loved ones this Christmas 🙂
Art by S. Mckinnon


  1. Bettina says:

    Angi oh Angi! Never have I been able to express my love so deeply. Loving you “to the moon and back” and you are my “Sunshine, my only Sunshine” were as far as I ever could get. Thank you for the inspiration to find my own soul’s words. Loving you back and looking forward to knowing you more.

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