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This blog features all the colorful variety of our show: little clips of fun and frolic, saucy sermons, travel, singing and lots of shenanigans. There are also a few bits thrown in here and there from my writing desk. 

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February 20, 2021

The Lollipop Guild Live from Isle of Skye

How are we NOT supposed to think of the Emerald City with this much green everywhere? It’s like the Isle of Skye was dipped in Oz. So of course the MUNCHKINS had to show up. Watch it now, those mountain paths are steep!
February 19, 2021

Sermon from Selkie Beach

You are a natural wonder. There is no excusing, defending, shifting or hiding your beauty. Own it. Walk like your hips move mountains, because they do. You are as original as this mermaid’s cove, and as precious. Take three minutes to remember who you REALLY are beyond ideas of right and wrong, good and bad.
January 30, 2021

A Very Merry UNbirthday from Scotland

When Angi and The Wonder Hunters find a Wonderland sign in the middle of NOWHERE on the Isle of Lewis, at the edge of the world, what happens? We stop and SING! Of course! To the field sheep. Who have a hard time clapping with those cloven hooves.
December 20, 2020

Once Upon a Time (at the Goblin Market)

My poem. Silas’s art. A little goblin joy to juice up your holiday. Turn your sound on! And drop us a line to let us know how it makes you feel. WE LOVE READING THE COMMENTS! Feel free to share it with your friends. XOXO
December 3, 2020

Wild Scotland Coast Gives Us a Surprise

Part of being a Wonder Hunter involves striking out without a plan, and leaving the maps behind. When we abandon all pretense of agenda, the surprising and miraculous have space to show up. I adore surprises. Like this one, when we just drove around this rugged island, turning when and where the road spoke to us. And then BAM!