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September 4, 2020

when you’re tempted to give up….

when you’re tempted to give up to not believe go to the ruins of all you once held dear and marvel at the person the brokenness has created you, in the center of all that’s failed like a phoenix burning free unleashed into new life you are the ancestor of the woman you will become she is sending gratitude to where you stand now your ruin ignited her future Into a blaze of possibility – Angi Sullins .
January 12, 2015

Packing for Oz

Dorothy stopped by today for sarsaparilla tea she brought snapshots from the road and a munchkin cake for me while i packed my Oz-bound bag and checked it’s contents twice she prepared me for the trip dispelling this advice: Munchkinland is great for sites the rainbows good for basking never ever in the woods take apples without asking watch out for houses falling and a wicked witch’s ruse stay away from any type of gem-encrusted shoes! be warned of paths that lead astray keep to golden bricks be leery of a wizard’s vow and his big black bag-o-tricks! pay heed […]