August 25, 2020
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Packing for Oz

packingforoz_nz Dorothy stopped by today
for sarsaparilla tea
she brought snapshots from the road
and a munchkin cake for me

while i packed my Oz-bound bag
and checked it’s contents twice
she prepared me for the trip
dispelling this advice:

Munchkinland is great for sites
the rainbows good for basking
never ever in the woods
take apples without asking

watch out for houses falling
and a wicked witch’s ruse
stay away from any type
of gem-encrusted shoes!

be warned of paths that lead astray
keep to golden bricks
be leery of a wizard’s vow
and his big black bag-o-tricks!

pay heed to munchkins everywhere
they’re good with stops and starts
listen when they warn of hags
who flaunt green-magic arts

beware the fields of poppies red
and monkeys painted blue
one will leave you sleeping
while the other steals your shoes

flying bubbles in the sky
are more than they appear
just when hope is fading fast
a fairy’s light draws near

take an extra oil can
for hearts that become stuck
spare a little straw for those
whose brains have run amok

pack a lions share of spine
when courage sinks to lows
lions, tigers, bears-oh-my
are your friends not foes

pay no mind to the man
who hides behind the swag
he’s nothing more than you or me
he’s just your fear in drag

when you find  your fun’s run out
and you long for your old ‘hood
tornadoes and hot air balloons
will do not bit of good

the only path from there to here
you must traverse alone
click your heels and remember
there’s no place quite like home

– Angi Sullins

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