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September 21, 2020
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September 23, 2020
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When things get hard…

It’s been a HARD freakin day. Tears and fears and WTF galore. More than one piece of bad news that affects our plans and future here. (i’ll make a video about it so you guys know the details we are up against, just not today. I’m too raw.) But I’m not giving up, and I am remembering the words of my teacher who instructed me to make a gratitude list while feeling down. It works. So HERES A SHOUT OUT to all the folks who are even making this journey a possibility. Without them I wouldn’t have the luxury of discovery…no matter how hard it is…I wouldn’t have been able to risk my life for this dream, venturing forward to discover what’s possible. I couldn’t afford this: not financially, physically, or emotionally without them. This vision is beyond our means. It truly takes a village.

Mernie – for love and dogs and garden and my life!
Lee – for organizing, driving, cheering, wrangling
Kathleen Snozberry- for the home base
Catherine – for loving my canine crew
Julia – for directing and brainstorming and just so many facets of support
And the numerous love warriors actively praying and wishing and abracadabra-ing our vision with and for us. I adore you.

When I feel alone and overwhelmed and small, stunned by the enormity of odds against us, I just think of the times each of you were not in my life and I already feel rich and full and abundant. Fuck! I appreciate the fuck out of you. Thank you for the treasure of friendship and belief.


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