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August 26, 2020
August 28, 2020
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The Whoosh spoke….

We’re in Scotland. We’re applying for citizenship before Brexit, as Silas is eligible as an EU citizen. It’s staggering to me, to consider all the changes a move would require. It’s a geographical move, a cultural move, a logistical move, an energetic move. So many shifts are required. I’m quickly realizing that life will not be sustainable “business as usual.” Everywhere is different because of Covid and that’s enough to deal with —for us, for you, for the world. But to consider a move in this new world? Am I insane?

But the WOOSH spoke, and here I am. I find myself staggered considering the shifts required in driving, in housing, in weather, in business, in customs, in government, in currency. I realize this move is going to create a huge shift in priorities, on top of what COVID has required of all of us. So daily I have to return to the gratitude for all I have, so that the big hurtles feel smaller in the light of thankfulness. So many blessings I take for granted. Like lungs full of air and a heart full of wonder and a soul full of dreaming. And food. And a roof over my head. The love of friends and family. And freedom. We still have freedom, folks. USE YOURS to consider your priorities and ask yourself what’s REALLY important. What means the most to you? And are you living in a way where your time and commitments reflect those values? Your one precious life is worth everything you will have to abandon in order to live closer to your authentic self.

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