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March 24, 2015
March 25, 2015
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The Heart’s Language

Dear Love Pie Tribe,

You’re going to hear me talk about this a lot, ‘cuz it’s a truth that’s been recently alive in my life in a huge way:

The heart’s language.

So a friend of mine in the tribe recently had a situation with a love interest. They were friends, then they were more, then not. The pull away left my friend feeling very vulnerable, wanting more, but feeling rejected. Still wanting to be friends and be supportive, but in total truth, wanting the “more” very much, my friend began to despair, asking internally, “What’s wrong with me? What could I have done better? Why am I not enough?”

Can you relate?

When I told my friend about the heart’s language, the response was “Wow. I’ve never thought of it that way.” It’s almost too simple, but it’s right in front of us all the time. In fact, it’s inside of us.

It’s your heart, and it’s speaking to you all the time.

Your heart has one function: circulation. And it performs two operations for that function: it opens; it closes.

All the wisdom you need, in any given situation, is found right there.

When you encounter a person or situation that makes you feel bad or “less than” – that’s your heart closing, directing you away. When you encounter a person or situation that makes you feel warm or expansive, that’s your heart opening, directing you onward.

The heart is a rudder, and every day, in every situation, it’s trying to steer your life.

Everything else is irrelevant. Or worse, it’s the ego trying to compensate for unworthiness. The ego (our mind-speak) tries to tell us all the reasons we should bend over backwards to make someone love us, see us, deem us worthy. It’s our minds communicating messages of “try harder, be better, go further, exhaust yourself for belonging.”

It doesn’t matter if someone is more fortunate than you and you feel they possess something you need or crave (approval, inclusion, power, love) or if they are less fortunate than you, possessing less health, less wealth, less comfort or opportunities, and you feel the need to help them, bend or break yourself for them…if your heart doesn’t feel more alive and more open when in their presence, TURN AWAY.

Your heart and your life will thank you.

Cuz belonging? It’s free, mother f*ckers. You don’t have to earn it, scrape or bow for it. Belonging is an extension of Creator Love, and it springs up in each of us when we find our kindred. When we encounter our tribe.

And you know it when you feel it.

Follow your heart. It’s a rudder. And it knows the way.

Sailing on, brightly woven,


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