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March 22, 2015
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Body Consciousness


Yo Love Pies,
This moment happened for me in 2011 when I went to California to complete a three week full body cleanse. Sometime during the teachings and workshops, which were intense, informative and utterly light-bulbish, I got in touch with my body’s consciousness. I had heard it before, read it before, but somehow the truth dropped into me in a new way as I realized each cell, each organ, each muscle, has its own consciousness. And as this truth slowly sank down into me, I realized I owed my body an apology.

“I’m so sorry for ignoring you. Please forgive me for the harsh things I say. And the even worse ones I think. I know you’re doing your very best to protect and provide. I’d like to start over. Can we be friends?”

I said this to my intestines, my spine, my colon, my pancreas, my lungs, my hips, my thighs, my tummy, my armpits.


And I still have to catch myself. I am caught off guard sometimes when I hear (really, really hear) what messages I send to my body. And I ask forgiveness again and start all over.

But mostly? We’re friends. I’m a better care giver and companion. It’s really a journey, retreading all the old thought-roads, and tending to my friend’s needs the way I would tend to a new born baby, a beloved dog, a little orphanedZeus the Mouse.

You don’t have to confess all the ways you’ve been an enemy and a terrorist to your body. Instead, tell me one or two things you love about your body.

And then tell me something little you’ll do today to celebrate it.

I think I’ll broil some garlic asparagus and paint my toe nails like eggs in an Easter basket.


Brightly Woven,


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