Memory of Wings
September 22, 2020
There is No Shame….
September 26, 2020
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Hush now….

Hush now.
The wounds run deep,
but the bees
are full of knowing.
They know the hive
of your heart,
each crooked curled chamber
each hopeful hidden curve,
each darkened holding cell.
They have come
with wings
and song
and pollen.
They have come to
harvest each mistake
each broken vessel
to touch the jagged edges
of betrayal
and lost chances,
to collect your failures
one by one,
making honey
from the bitter
making music in the void
making wings
where there were wounds.

Hush now. Sleep well.
The night is alive
with forgiveness
and your heart
is a hive
made for honey
made for love.

Angi Sullins


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