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October 20, 2020
The Vagina Song –
November 1, 2020
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For all my Witches and Nasty Women –

If you’re burning up over the elections, the Supreme Court decision, the current state of affairs in the world. If you can’t sleep at night because you’re angry or sad or depressed, because you don’t know how to create change or where (or even IF) you belong, watch this. I love you. I’m with you.

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  1. Sophie Wolf Spurrier says:


    There’s no such thing as a coincidence. And so, as I skipped most of the first 5 minutes and landed on 5:01, I was engulfed in the violet flame (that matched your hair color!) that told me what I have mentally known for decades, but couldn’t allow into my soul, heart, pain: “YOU are both captive and jailer”.

    I’ve just now (and for the nth time) been struggling with this knowledge, in despair.

    Jim Morrison put it this way: “Unhappy girl / Left all alone / Playing solitaire / Playing warden to your soul / You are locked in a prison / Of your own device // And you can’t believe / What it does to me / To see you / Crying // Unhappy girl / Tear your web away / Saw through all your bars / Melt your cell today / You are caught in a prison / Of your own device // Unhappy girl / Fly fast away / Don’t miss your chance // To swim in mystery / You are dying in a prison / Of your own device”

    Oh yes, those words (and that damaged angel) have visited me uncountable times. But not until I listened to Angi Sullins give this marvelous message did I discover HOW to “saw thru all [my] bars” — to simply (or not) accept the Value of my Being, and further to accept that it doesn’t depend on producing anything. (Note that “to discover” is not quite the same as “to learn”, but it is the first step.

    Gasp! again

    Thank you, Angi. And thank you for the 2021 calendar “For the Love of Frida”, which fills me with her inspiration, and which led me to you and your website that I will pore over and over and over and…

    Now excuse me as I resume my studies

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