Finding Wonderland – House Love!!
August 29, 2020
That thing in the sky…
August 31, 2020
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The Clootie Tree –

So we did a magic thing yesterday. We took ourselves into the deep woods, to an ancient Druidic site said to be favored by the faeries. We tied a wish to the clootie tree and asked the faeries to favor our journey to establish Wonderland in the land of my ancestors.

I started our art galley DUIRWAIGH as a place of myth and magic online over 20 years ago. The word “DUIRWAIGH” refers to “druis”, meaning magical knowledge. It’s how we got the word “druid” and eventually the English word “door.” I’ve been seeking to secure a portal between worlds for two decades now, and at last the faeries have me to this place I hope to call home…for us, for you.

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