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December 3, 2020

Wild Scotland Coast Gives Us a Surprise

Part of being a Wonder Hunter involves striking out without a plan, and leaving the maps behind. When we abandon all pretense of agenda, the surprising and miraculous have space to show up. I adore surprises. Like this one, when we just drove around this rugged island, turning when and where the road spoke to us. And then BAM!
December 2, 2020

Fire and Transformation…

fire into blossomflame into petaltransformation begins like this:don’t believe whatthey tell youwhen their story is based on your impoverishment and supplicationwhen they stand to benefitfrom your smallness your lack of sovereignty your complicity with shamethey may light the pyre but remember, dear woman,your spine is full of witch lightand your soul is phoenix wingwhere they seek to destroy,you seek to transformleave a blessing where there was burntake wing take skyblaze a trailwhere once there wasstick match smoke now there is flaming petalsmoldering bloomthe wide garden skyalight with possibility -Angi Sullins