Doorways and Dreamfields – Week 1
June 8, 2015
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Doorways and Dreamfields – Week 2

Welcome to WEEK #2 of our book club discussion.
This week’s topic is BELIEF.

  1. BELIEF plays a big role in this book. The phrase “Believing is Seeing” comes up more than once. What does this mean to you?
  2. Can you think of a scene in the book that demonstrates the need to BELIEVE before the manifestation is ACHIEVED? Name the scene and characters involved. How did the belief affect the outcome?
  3. Name a situation where you BELIEVED beyond what you could see, and how it affected your achievements of manifestation.


  1. Going to read some more.. But it’s so funny to me that I kinda answered this weeks questions on last weeks thread .(before seeing it!) . Wow! Talk about just feeling it.!! Lol

  2. Angi Sullins says:

    Ha! Vanessa! You’re tuned in. I’ll be awaiting your reflections as you move through the book!

  3. skyeandstone says:

    (Amy here) I’m thinking about the word belief, along with intuition and faith. There were many examples in the book where the belief in the feeling/guidance/intuition led to open doors. I have to say, holding strong to that belief in yourself and your intuition makes you very BRAVE! Angi, when you chose to move to New Orleans on your own, I thought she is so BRAVE and STRONG! I am quite sure I would have just gone back home to the familiar. I am thinking that belief and faith do really require a certain amount of strength and tenacity. When you would go on a search for a certain artist/artwork/doll, it showed belief that you could bring your dream into reality. I found the way that you would share your story with each of the people you encountered very inspiring. Sometimes I fight the (I’m crazy, this makes no sense, this is stupid) voice/feeling. But when synchronicity takes place, or a symbol reveals it’s meaning to me, or connections are made, it strengthens my BELIEF. In myself, in something greater than me and in all that is.

    I mentioned our music store last week, and that example really holds elements of belief affecting manifestation. Many of us had to believe. My husband and I believed in our business partner’s vision and plan. We believed that my husband and partner would work well together. My Mother had to believe that sharing the dream she had was worthwhile! My husband and I definitely saw that as a sign and it prompted us to take action.

    Looking back, there are many times I made choices based on belief and not really knowing what the outcome would be. Finding a school that is a good fit for my children fits into that category. My daughter has a summer birthday, and could have gone to Kindergarten when she turned 5. I wasn’t happy with the choices for public school, and we could not afford a private school. Her preschool teacher agreed with me that she could benefit from another year of preschool, to mature emotionally and get used to going to school five days a week.

    The following year, when she was ready for Kindergarten, we went to a meeting in our local public school. I actually came home and cried. The teachers seemed tired. They rattled off the curriculum. Some of the parents weren’t even paying attention. The school was cramped and small and old. I told my husband I would homeschool her before I sent her there.

    I ordered all of the materials for a cyberschool. I had a lot of anxiety about it, because I am an INFP and I think I have ADD! LOL Structure is not my strongpoint. But I was sure I could do a better job.

    Then a friend told me about a new tuition free charter school in our area. I applied, but they were full. At the last minute, they decided to add an additional Kindergarten class. They called to say my daughter was in! I packed up all of our cyberschool materials and sent her there.

    The school is newly remodeled. The classes are small. The teachers are young and enthusiastic. They focus on a “global perspective.” Honoring other cultures and having events like “Mother Language Day” shows my children ways that we are all connected. My son is also attending there now. Both of my kids are on the high honor list. I am so proud!

    Oh, and just a few weeks after I had attended the public school meeting, it was on the news that a Kindergartener brought 18 bags of heroin to school in his backpack and passed it out to three friends. (He found it in his Dad’s room.) I know that things like that can happen anywhere, but I took that as confirmation that I made the right choice to NOT send my daughter there!

    Wow, this is much longer than I had planned 😉

    • Lynn Smith says:

      It does seem as tho’ belief can lead you in the right direction. It certainly did in the case of your daughter.

    • Angi Sullins says:

      i love stories like these. love love love. it’s why i wrote my book, filled with them, and why i sit enraptured to listen to other people tell their tale. i like to call these stories “proof! these things do happen.” your music store, your daughter’s school, my art business, someone else’s healing miracle, parking space, manifested new job. it happens. the impossible is happening every day. all around us. i would like to study and encourage the practice of BELIEF in creating the world we love. this acting on faith and manifesting in the middle of “impossible” is what i call Practical Magic.

    • Angi Sullins says:

      another question…do you think bravery is a prerequisite for manifesting miracles or defying odds, creating a life you love?

      • skyeandstone says:

        Hmmm. I am really pondering this. I know there are times in my life when I really was not feeling brave; and miraculous things happened anyway. I think that as we take notice to synchronicity and the miracles that occur, we become more brave. Willing to risk more. We gain confidence, and get bolder about ASKING. I’ve heard that we need to do what we are most afraid of. I’m still working on building my bravery muscles!

        • Lynn Smith says:

          I’ve gotten many things I’ve requested for others but very few things for myself. Perhaps it is because I am brave for them but consider it selfish to ask for me. Maybe I should take care of me first so I can take better care of them. Bravery. I’ll try it.

  4. Lynn Smith says:

    I think the book is full of examples where Angi believed until the thing manifested. Certainly the idea of a place that supports artists and the creative fire is one example that came into being through belief. One place in the book where it really came together was when Anna decided to change agents and join Angi’s dream. Another was the way Angi was able to somehow manifest her magic art pieces like A Land of Wonder. It’s wonderful to have that kind of belief that something is meant to be and so it will be.

    In my life I seem to not be able to believe enough for things to manifest but I can do it for others. One example is that my family had to move Mom out of a nursing home on very short notice when the home went private. We have no money and we were looking at some pretty dismal homes. I knew Mom would not get good care in most of these places and I was working on finding a way to take her home to my tiny apartment. I visited a lovely home with motivated caregivers and I put Mom on the two year waiting list. We had 30 days to find a place but I prayed and envisioned it and suddenly – the call came to bring Mom in for an interview. They liked her and she moved in ten days later. As far as I was concerned, this was a miracle. I am still saying thank you to the Goddess every day even three years later.

    I know I can believe and things will manifest. I’ve done it. But right now – I keep getting messages to rest, to recoup but to begin focusing my energy of “something”. I just don’t know what to focus on. The one thing in my life that I have loved most passionately has become bitter to me and I need to find either a new direction or to renew the joy I once felt in the thing that I loved.

    • Angi Sullins says:

      i like your miracle, lynn. and i know more and more are possible for you. PROBABLE! great news on your mom, and also for you.

      i also think you’re right about the “pause.” i think there’s a natural cycle for manifesting and creating. there are most certainly times when we need to withdraw, rest, regroup and re-imagine our world into new being. i applaud you for listening to that voice.

      now, a new question: how do you think passion ties in with manifestation? do you think we manifest more affectively with it? or do you think that manifestation happens with or without passion? what role does passion play in YOUR creations?

      • Lynn Smith says:

        I believe there must be passion and belief. But sometimes, passion is hard, as seen when Angi is trying to figure out why she feels so dead inside when Debby takes her to the Disney show that cracks the spell. That’s an instance of when the ‘verse follows through because the wish is there and the passion is buried deep but still there trying to get out.

        I don’t know what role passion plays in my creations. Certain things, Mom’s residence and a few things like that, have seemed magickal simply because I prayed and believed very hard and they happened. But what I have truly thought I wanted has been blocked for the past few years and I wonder if the message is that I should use my love, my passion to achieve something else. When I am acting (in the past) I’ve been able to reach through to the audience and give them a great gift. They can feel my love and passion for them. I can carry them with me a bit. When directing, I can guide my actors into where they need to go without fear.But the past two years, I don’t want to. When I do, I do well and the gift comes through but it’s not magick anymore.

        I just completed a BA (at age 61) and I seem to be looking at creating a space to create with others. I want to create (1) a project (Goddess related) that I’ve carried in my heart for a long time and I want to learn more about Alzheimer’s and Dementia and (2) express what I’ve seen happen to Mom and others affected by this cruelty. And I guess that’s where my passion has gone. It’s sort of “On hold” while I get my practical life straight. Since I have no means of support, my first priority has to be paying the rent. It’s frustrating but I know that is necessary. SO as of last night, I began channeling the idea of a great part time job (20-25 hrs/week) that pays $20/hr.

        Is passion necessary? I think so. Belief is made stronger by passion and when belief is strong, even when you are in a slump, the manifestations will happen.

    • skyeandstone says:

      I understand this pause, too. I am kind of in that place right now. I’m feeling content in many ways, but I don’t want to become complacent. I am re-evaluating the things that I have been “chasing” and being still at the moment. I’m wanting to work with my natural tendencies instead of feeling like I am fighting an uphill battle and embrace what is.

      • Lynn Smith says:

        Yes, you have succinctly expressed what I am feeling. Re-evaluating and feeling the need to trust my natural desires.

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