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June 16, 2015
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June 16, 2015
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The Tribe Gathering – Day 34

So here we are… Day 34 and I’d like to set an intention to go a bit further than we did in the first 30 days. In fact, I’d like to challenge you. Think of this as a gauntlet.

And it’s on the floor, bitches.

day 34

The Challenge

Become a thriver. Place your ear down to your soul, and listen hard. Then live the next 30 days like your life depends on what you hear.

Start by asking yourself WHAT IF?

What if you set an intention to take your soul walk deeper over the next 30 days?

What if you decide to argue for your possibilities rather than your limitations?

What if you eat possibility for lunch each afternoon?

What if you grant yourself permission to be brave, to be vulnerable, and to let the tribe hold the safe space for you, so that you can experience belonging in new ways?

What if you insist on calling everything that shows up in your world – even the overwhelming crappy stuff – a blessing?

What if you decided to thrive – every day – for the next 30 days?

No. matter. what.

That means that no matter what interference occurs, you DECIDE you’re thriving.

That means when life gets in the way, when you get overwhelmed or over-committed, or distracted or tired, you still come back to what’s really important to you: your soul, and its health.

That means when shit shows up, you go deeper, you go to the soul level of your internal world, and look – really look – for soul’s messages to you.

That means if you find yourself so busy that you’re living on the topsoil only, that you become a time bender and make time work FOR you. Maybe that looks like getting up an extra half hour early, or staying up a half hour later, or taking your lunch hour to meditate, to muse and to share?

That means a shift in priorities, so that you make time, daily, to meet your soul, and the tribe that’s holding it.

I know you’re busy. I know you have day jobs, sometimes two. I know you have families and dental appointments and vacations and deadlines. I also know these things often are the barking dogs that distract you from what you claim is the most important thing in your life (your happiness) and the wellspring of all you wish to manifest (your soul, everything springs from the soul).

I have the distractions too. For me? Sometimes it’s a joy ride downstream to show up here and be seen and held. Sometimes it’s a rock climb up the sheer face of a frowning mountain.

But energy is contagious. All energy. We feel this when we walk into a room when people are angry and the air is sizzle-poppin with tension. But it works the other direction as well. Thrival is contagious. So is hope, possibility, joy, creativity, expansion. (You know this is true. Think about sports arenas and rock concerts.)

I know you who have shown up daily, or even mostly daily are FEELING IT. You’ve been writing in with your stories of change, shift and tangible manifestation.

Robin says since joining the tribe she’s found that, even out in the lonely boonies, she’s drawing creative people to her and getting invitations to more and more inspiring gatherings. Karen says her dark cloud self talk has shifted, and that she can actually lay claim to hope and possibility during even her most stressed out times. Heather has stopped feeling so alone, and is feeling more open and brave. Sandy has attracted a new Honda, just when her old one took a shit, and it came out of nowhere, like a blessing just dropped in the middle of her feel-good lap. The stories go on.

And I know those of you who have shown up sporadically or are lurking on the edges are feeling it too. The energy is here, it’s powerful and synergistic and rolls in waves toward the shore of your life. Scoop up a bit in your hands and bring it to your lips. Tastes like homecoming, thrival, expansion, belonging.

It’s here for you, like an ocean rolling waves of full-throated, howlin-at-the-moon, rockstar anthem goodness onto your beach.

I’m asking you how much of that goodness you wanna scoop up. How will you show up to the sea of Soul and its Thrival over the next 30 days? Will you come toward the tide with a thimble? A chipped tea cup? A watering can?

I said I was challenging you. Look down at that gauntlet all shiny on the floor, sneering at you over it’s pencil thin mustache.

It’s taunting you to show up to waters of soul, and the kindling of this tribe, with a fuckin’ PIPELINE.

Bring it.

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