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March 2, 2015
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The Tribe Experiment Day 6



Symbol Speak


We’re going to do something FUN today. I’m giving each of you a little gift.

I play this game with myself at home, and I just love the results.
The Universe, as I’ve come to know it, speaks in signs and symbols, in energies and sound. There is Presence all around us, and it is constantly communicating with us, if we’ll only show up and engage in the conversation.

Today, the conversation-game goes like this: when you comment on this post, (you can use any term you like “Yes, Please!” or “Me! Me! or “Gimme mine!” or whatever phrase you like) I will put a random word into my hard drive and see what photo shows up. I’m an image junkie, and have thousands and thousands of images on my hard drive. Whenever I’m searching for something specific on said hard drive, say, for example “cloud,” I am fascinated by what shows up. It’s always a surprise.

So today I’ll intuitively ask for the word, and see what shows up for images.

I’ll post your image on this post, along with your name, so you know it’s yours.

Observe it. Work with it. Consider:

What does this image mean to ME today?

How is it speaking to me? What does it symbolize?

How do the colors or textures or subject matter pertain to my walk in the world (the way I’m showing up, who I am, and what I’m going through) today?

When I started Jungian Analysis, I started working with symbols more intentionally. It can be a curious and wondrous thing, interpreting symbols as a reflection for your particular moment in time, and “read” them for any messages they may have for you.

Feel free, then, to post your results. This isn’t a test. There are no rules. You can post your reflections in a stream of consciousness. Make a list. Do a free flow word association. Create a haiku, a limerick, a poem. Don’t be afraid to share what shows up, we’re all learning from each other. Just open your consciousness to whatever shows up, and then PLAY.

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