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The Night Ark


Dear Love Pies,

My sweet friend and sister of the heart-pen Susan Wooldridge is an incredible poet. Her words lift and take me to new places of spirit, play and creativity. Sometimes they soothe the savage, anxious frothy-mouth beast that lives in my head.

Know that beast?

When you feel anxious, overwhelmed, concerned that you’re “not getting there” or you’re “not there yet” or you wonder what is wrong with you, your situation, your progress, your skill level, your track record or track ahead, consider this:

“The Night Ark”

There’s no hurry,

all that floundering by day,

not to worry.

There’s room and time

even for the water buffalo, slow,

eaves and joists and joints

of this ark creak

but it’s vast and buoyant

with all our dreams.

So shut your eyes and do not fear,

the ark is moored by your front door,

the boatman knows nothing

of miles or minutes,

the ocean is everywhere

and you’re already on board

©Susan Wooldridge

Isn’t that gorgeous? “The ark is buoyant with our dreams… the ocean is everywhere and you’re already on board.”

In fact, you are the ark. In fact, you are the ocean. You’ve just forgotten the multidimensional expansiveness of you, and in your forgetting, you worry about the creaking of the wood, the rising level of the water, whether or not you’ll ever get on board, or, once on board, if you’ll ever see dry land.

But you are everywhere you look. You are the broad, bright horizon and the ship of dreams itself. And you have everything you need, in fact, you ARE everything you need, to sail that ship into port, and call your journey HOME.

Enjoy the wind in your hair today, and soak up the view.

Sweet sailing, brightly woven,

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