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March 12, 2015
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March 15, 2015
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Show Me Your Soul

Dear Love Pies,

Yesterday we used songs to show a piece of our soul. Let’s take that a step further and add an image to it.

Show me an image that captures the essence of you. Your heart, your love, your purpose. Something outside of your roles in life (mother, brother, employee, president, volunteer, wife, friend etc.) This isn’t so much about what you do, as who you are. Unless what you do IS who you are!

Doesn’t have to be a photo; the image can be anything.

Think of it as the image you carry around in your heart’s pocket, so that when you’re feeling lost or afraid or discombobulated, it reminds you who you really are and why you’re really here.

You can say a few words about it, or not. Let us see you.
(Attach your image into the comments by using the little camera icon in the comment field.)

My image is attached to this post.

It’s a picture of me falling in love with you falling in love with yourself.

I am a muse, and a thrive*ologist, and as such, it’s my job to get you to see the beauty of your own soul, and the power of your fairy tale, your true story. I hold the mirror to show you what’s already there.

Cuz that’s just it. You’re magnificent. And so. much. more. than. you. know. Once you glimpse that truth, you can’t unsee it. And each time you gaze into that truth it quickens into a thousand sparks of inspiration.

My purpose is to hold it up to you until you can say, radiantly grinning, bright heart sighing, “I like you. You glory-fingered, winged-wonder, emerald-city-jewel-sparkiling-lightning-fire-ring-dancer…I really, really like you.”

And mean it with your whole life.

Brightly Woven,


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