Doorways and Dreamfields – Week 1
June 8, 2015
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MUSE JUICE Book Club – Starts June 1!

This will be where we meet for the MUSE JUICE Book Club. All discussions will take place on this blog, with the conversation taking place under each post, in the comment thread. See you soon, beauties!
Our first book is Doorways and Dreamfields: A True Fairy Tale.
Hear the first chapter for free!


  1. g di cuore says:

    angi, thank you for the wonder full poster! some where here it said to order the ‘book club’ book here because… i can not find the place that explained why! of course i will order here, what was it… you were going to autograph? please clarify… my poor memory… thank you and xo, g. (can not wait for book club!!! yummy)

  2. duirwaigh says:

    ha! i think you were maybe reading the muse-letter..if you order the book on this site I have the chance to sign it for you, and there are little pixie dust yummies i stuff inside the envelop, along with magic wishes.
    and i cant hardly stand it, im so jazzed about the book club! gonna be FUN!!! come play come play!

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