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December 12, 2014
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Who Stole the Tarts? (A Poem for Artists)


The Prince of Hearts
stole the tarts
or was it the Mad Hatter?

He was last seen
having tea
and growing slightly fatter

Said the March Hare
“How can you care?”
“Does it really matter?”

Aye, it’s the Queen~
oh how she screams
o’er the empty platter:

“Off with his head!
I’ll see him dead!
I”ll leave his soul in tatters!”

At the queen’s decree
her court did flee
you should have seen them scatter

But Alice knew
what she must do
she grabbed a bowl and batter

With kitchen smarts
she baked new tarts
and finished with a clatter

Into the palace
crept our Alice
with a pitter and a patter

Called the queens name
took great aim
and lobbed the tarts right at’her

The queen went down
her royal gown
bedecked with jam and splatter

Alice swore:
“Your rant’s a bore!”
“Wonderland’s a shatter!”

A chastened core
her ego sore
the queen climbed her royal ladder

“I forgive the prince!
and with Nonsense,
a pardon for the Hatter!!”

And then they played
hedgehog croquet
settling the matter

I tell this tale
so you won’t fail
when Ego starts to blather

When Fear creeps out
and causes Doubt
to make your Will go flatter

Stake your claim,
then take brave aim
and watch the villains scatter

When it comes to Arts
we all steal tarts!
thus ends my wonder-chatter

We’re only growing Madder!
The Cheshire Catter


  1. samsgjohnson says:

    Love this!

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