“The most difficult thing for people to do is hear their own soul.”

~God (Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch)


You know there are paintings inside you. Plays. Books, dances, journeys, projects. Above and beyond any particular artistic calling, you feel compelled to live creatively, catalyzing your life into an original masterpiece.

You know that in there, somewhere, is a juicy one-of-a-kind life
just waiting to bust out.





You love painting. Or journaling. Or decorating.

When you create, you lose track of time and feel a deep rightness with life. But you’ve lost the juice to create.

Or you’ve got the juice to create, but found yourself distracted by the busy-ness of life.

Or you haven’t created at all, but suspect that you could.


And through it all you wonder what would happen if you gave yourself the time (or the permission) to explore the forest of your personal creativity and its unique potential.


You wonder what adventure life could be if you could hear your own soul.




 No matter whether you’re a professional artist or pioneering new creative territory, there is the sense that if you could hone a magical space, surrounded by supportive mojo, you might just strike gold.

You would write that thing that’s been whispering in your creative ear, or finish the project that’s been waiting in your “someday” file, or rediscover your authentic creative voice for the sake of your own soul’s pleasure.

And these thoughts both scare and lustify you. They enlarge your burning heart ’til you want to run toward Lake Flaming Muse and drown inside her waters of inspiration.






Creators’s MUSE CAMP is made for you, and the muse’s juice is more than happy to quench the flames of your lusty creator heart.

 And I’m setting up Creator’s MUSE CAMP during New England’s most fiery autumnal peak leaf season so we can revel in a Wonderland of our own making.


1We’ll explore lakes and listen to the loons.


We’ll watch the leaves float across the waters.


We’ll tuck away by the fireside to warm our hearts. Visit enchanted cafes for a cup of mojo and a date with our imagination. Indulge in mini creativity seminars to ignite and enflame our inner muse.

And daily, when it’s time to step away from our work, we’ll take ourselves on muse dates, hunting down the crazy colors of Autumn, attending the world’s most brilliant leaf peep shows, pick our own apples for fresh pressed cider, and court the Great Pumpkin in New England’s most enchanted pumpkin patch.


2.jpgA little roadside pumpkin patch and cider press


4We’ll be leaf peepers, as it will be high season for fall’s full range of color


6.jpgTell your inner six year old that inspiration lives on every corner!


We’ll turn down the noise of the world, and turn up the volume of the soul.

We’ll indulge silence and solitude, yet allow time for the daily play of synergy.

We’ll create a sacred circle of support, where your inner critic can go quiet and your inner powerhouse can have full voice.

We’ll laugh. We’ll sigh. We’ll share. We’ll contemplate. We’ll nest.

We’ll tickle the glitter in our veins. 

Meanwhile, we’ll pamper our bodies by eating delicious food and walking in the morning mist. We’ll nurture our souls by resting deeply and wearing pajamas ‘til noon (or all day.) And we’ll practice the fine art of allowing: not forcing, not efforting, but allowing the creation to manifest itself at its own pace, with its own intention.

We’ll show up to inspiration’s nest, and let the muse do the rest.

Join me. And let’s thrive up your creative life.

October 2017

What’s included:

  • Cabin lakeside lodgings – 6 nights
  • Morning (optional) guided meditation and creativity prompts
  • Sacred space
  • Daily inspiration and mini workshops
  • Shared readings in circle where you can be heard with heart (if you desire, most valuable!)
  • Excursion to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings
  • Leaf hunting
  • Tour of covered bridges, pumpkin patches, red barns, color-quilted mountains and magical cafes
  • Writing advice/direction when needed
  • Private, one-on-one coaching hour to discover blockages and create new soul space

Cost: $1780


To preserve the intimate nature of our tribal gathering, Creator’s MUSE CAMP is limited to a sacred group of eight participants.

I’m all gooey thinking about musing with you!


Excited? YAY! Scared? GOOD!

Magic rarely happens in your comfort zone.

7Your creative horizon is endless. Live like it. Write like it.