Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is best suited for this tour?
This tour was designed with the artist’s soul in mind. It’s ideal for women traveling alone or with girlfriends. Male/female couples are welcome as well, if our companion men are comfortable in the presence of artist bohemian ladies. The benefits of staying under one roof allows us to share a tribal space, similar to the Bohemian artist vibe of the 30’s in Paris. This is not your typical sightseeing tour. There will be discussions about art and soul, and in invitation to soul query. You can participate as much of as little as you’re comfortable, but the experience will be most meaningful to those who come with a sense of adventure and a desire to share their heart, art, and life experiences with the group.

What is a typical day like on a Muse Juice Tour?
Everyone relates to mornings differently, so we’ll start gently each day, around 10 a.m. Breakfast can be made right in the apartment (there are markets nearby so you can have on hand what you’d like) as there is a fully operational kitchen. We’ll leave as a troupe around 10am each morning and set out for adventure. We’ll take in the sights, and plan on sitting down for lunch around 1pm. We’ll be back on our hooves around 3pm to see more sites, stopping for a coffee or champagne break around 5. More sights will follow, and we’ll break for dinner and drinks, or drinks and dinner around 8pm. We’ve booked night time adventures and entertainment for a few nights, but the remaining nights you can spend on your own or just flow with the vibe of the group. My tours tend to be quite excitable events, and you’ll likely find yourself singing karaoke, dancing on table tops or haunting the cemeteries come dark.

The key to having fun each day is to be flexible. Very few of our set plans are fixed in stone. We will factor in each day the weather, group vibe, and other circumstances to determine the biggest bang for our tourist buck. We’ll move with the wind and let the gypsy soul guide us. This can mean irregular meal times, grabbing food at a food stand, eating in the park or on the sidewalk while listening to a street musician. Spontaneity and fun and deliciousness will trump ALL plans, so get ready for adventure and surprises!

What about food?
Dining out is very expensive in Paris (a cup of good hot chocolate will run about $8EU and a simple sandwich at a sit down restaurant can run between $15-$20.) We’ll be picnicking a good bit for lunch. It’s economical and fun–nothing beats people watching in Paris! But this also means we won’t be focused much on formals meals while we’re out. We may grab a sandwich, a crepe, or a doner at food stand and then eat it sitting on the sidewalk, at a park or on the river. Stay flexible. We’re bohemians and we’re gonna eat and drink like we belong!

Do I need traveler’s Insurance?
Insurance coverage is not available through Muse Juice Tours and the choice to take or reject it is at the discretion of each traveler. If trip insurance brings you peace of mind, by all means get it! Insurance is offered by many online services, such as Please take the time to research your options.

What are the living arrangements?
Our tribe is always tiny, and maxed out at 6 participants. We rent a local apartment and live as a family during our stay. A typical apartment features several bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, appliances, cookware and a small washing machine (no dryer).  Your tour package is based on double occupancy. If traveling alone we will place you in a single bed in a shared room, unless you are traveling as a couple and would prefer a double bed. Single occupancy is sometimes available for an extra charge, but must be arranged at the time of booking, at least 120 days prior to travel. A note about European apartments, especially Paris: rooms are tiny by American standards, so pack light because you may be stepping over your suitcase every time you want to go to the bathroom. And speaking of bathrooms, European ones can be quite quirky in comparison to their American counterparts. I found this article by Rick Steves to be very true to my experience. Read up if you want to know what to expect:

Will the apartment have Internet?
Though most of the apartments we choose in Paris have wireless Internet, you cannot bank on having access to it. I cannot count the times something has gone wrong with an apartment’s wireless, so now if the promised service is available, I rejoice. But I no longer count on it. Rely, if you can, on your mobile device. If you do not have an international plan, consider getting a SIM card while in Paris. And don’t worry, if you have a pressing need for wifi or phone access, you’ll be traveling with a tribe who’s got your back.

European bathrooms can be quite quirky in comparison to their American counterparts. It’s good to know what to expect when traveling in Europe.  I found this article by Rick Steves to be very true to my experience.  We’ll be in a large apartment, sharing bathroom space, and to avoid any hot water shortages, some of us will bathe at night while others will bathe in the morning. (I, personally, am a night bather.) Basic toiletries like towels, soap, shampoo and hair dryers are provided.

What time is check-in/check out?
Check in is 12 noon on the day of arrival. Check out is 12 noon on the day of departure. If you need to make other arrangements, please contact your travel muse. Pre and post dates are sometimes available for an additional fee.

Mobile phone/device/Sim Card:
Here’s a thread on getting a Sim card in Paris and what it’ll cost you:

Do I need an electricity converter to charge my equipment?
Yes, you’ll need a converter to charge your devices. Check this out:

What is the best way to get local currency?
Really the only way to do this is to withdraw funds from an ATM. It’s fast, it’s friendly, and you get the best rates for the Euro. Check with your bank ahead of time to know the fees they’ll be charging you.

How much will I be walking?
You can count on a good eight to ten hours on your feet daily, with rest stops every few hours. Our typical day will start at 10am, and conclude around 8pm, or later, depending on what’s happening in the evening hours. You won’t be on your feet this entire time, but you will be walking a good bit, so wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to stroll! And dance!

Why aren’t there more museums on the itinerary?
We’ve kept some of the major tourist sites, especially museums, off the itinerary. Not only do we want to show you the quirky, whimsical, “off-the-beaten-path” side of Paris, but we also want you to have the most unique options for pleasure packed into one day. Museums such as the Louvre and other sites such as the Eiffel tower, are plagued by long lines of tourists, and you can spend up to three hours just standing in line to get in. Not a fun way to spend your time when you’re a wonder hunter. If visiting the Louvre or going to the top of the Eiffel is the most important thing for you, you should plan to come a few days early, or stay a few days later, so that you can devote your time to gaining entrance to these lovelies without other time constraints!

What about free time?
There are a two mornings set aside for free time. On those days we do not meet up until 2pm. You’re welcome to indulge in a little extra resting time, me time, meditation time. Or you can catch one of the sites not on our itinerary. Also, at any given time you can break away from the tour, should the need or desire arise. All we ask is that you let us know your plans, as keeping up with the schedule and meeting back up with the group is your responsibility. Also, there are only a small amount of keys that we are authorized to give out to the guests, so we ask that you stick with the group as much as possible.

How will we be getting around?
Our main mode of transportation will be the metro. You can buy a claret (book of 10 tickets) at CDG airport and in most metro terminals. Read up on buying metro tickets here:

Can I see photos of previous tours?
We’ve uploaded most sites on the tour itinerary to Pinterest. Take the virtual tour here:

Do I need to speak French?
No. And neither does your tour guide. With a few basic words and phrases -and a smile! – you can get most anyone to help you out. Parisians are generally friendly, especially if greeted in their own language.

Bathroom breaks
This can get a little hilarious, especially for those of us with small bladders. Paris does, indeed, have a few public toilets. You have to pay to use them, so keep a few euro on your person in case of an emergency. Sneaking into restaurants and cafes also works, as you can’t always find a public toilet. You can rest assured that no one will have to go more than your muse, so you’ll always have someone to help you hunt down and capture the elusive Parisian toilet!

Arriving to Apartment from Airport:
If you’re traveling light, which we highly suggest, you can take the RER train from CDG airport to metro Paris. We’ll send you the address of our apartment so you can plan your travel route to the apartment. It’s very typical to travel by public transport to and from the airport, and every day you will see Paris travelers moving through the streets with their suitcases. Of course, if you’re traveling alone with cumbersome luggage or if you’d like to forgo the challenge of navigating public transport, you can hire a taxi that will take you directly to the apartment. Expect to pay between 40-60EU. Read more about your options here:

What should I pack?
Your passport
Layered clothing
Good walking shoes
Rain jacket, portable umbrella
A small journal/sketch book
A backpack or fanny pack (or both!)
A camera
Eye mask
Ear plugs
Comfy robe or lounging accouterment
Sleeping aid
Small sacred object – to put on our inspiration altar!

How should I dress?
Comfortable, comfortable, comfortable. Though Paris is know for the style of its runways, no one is going to grade your wardrobe based on the cat walk. Comfort trumps style, especially when you’re sightseeing for most available daylight hours. To know what to expect for May/June weather, and how to be prepared for weather fluctuations, read up here:

What kind of weather should I be prepared for?

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