My Gift to You

ManifestoYour thrival starts here.

Download my original “I Believe” thrival print.

It’ll look great in your bedroom, looking back at you as you fall asleep and dream of possible things. Prop it up on your desk, so it can preside over your daily endeavors.

Or tape it to your bathroom mirror so it can remind you of your truest beauty.

Just know, as you look at it, it is looking back at you, re-minding you of your most authentic self.

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The original “I Believe” Tribal Manifesto in its fullness:


I believe…

Bliss is the ultimate muse. Where she leads, I will follow. And as I dance with her, my gift to the world is unleashed.

Wild Inclusion is my path, and with each step I embrace the radically imperfect. Each part of myself deserves love, nurturing and companionship. Nothing shall be outside my circle of welcome.

Showing up creates well being. I don’t have to be perfect. I don’t have to perform well. I just have to show up to what calls my spirit. That is enough. I am enough. And I am marvelous.

Being brave takes me closer to everything I want. No matter what the results look like, I am always living more authentically when I am vulnerable and brave.

Thriving is my destiny. I am a survivor, but with each inhale, each exhale, I choose to transcend survival and aim for thrival. I am a slice of divinity, deserving no less.

Art is my highest calling, and my life is the canvas. No matter in what realms I choose to creatively express myself, my life is painted with the colors of thrival.

Humor is salvation. Again and again, I am redeemed by the silly, the ridiculous, the reverent irreverence. The world becomes lighter each time I laugh.

Life is designed to be too good AND true. No matter what ugliness exists in the world, there are examples around me all day, every day, of people places and things that are too good to be true, but are true. I keep my focus there, because it conjures my too-good-and-true nature.

Play is sacred. So are tears, laughter, hugs, orgasms, striped socks and self kindness.

Beauty is my nature and my quest. As I seek it, I become it.

More is my mantra. If I’m gonna settle, I’m gonna settle for more: more laughter, more grace, more joy, more faith, more wings where there were wounds.

Once upon a time is really Here and Now, and I endeavor to write the pages of fairy tale with the ink of my true story: rich in purpose, woven with bright and dark, and me, the champion at its core, determining how the legend will unfold by selectively and creatively choosing my thoughts.

My heart is my compass. “Open” and “close.” These are the only two words my heart knows, and I trust its rudder directives over any woulda-shoulda-have-to-ought-to directive, any day. Every day.

Mutuality is my guide to all relationships. Asking for what I need and offering what I can creates mutuality, and my soul thrives in mutuality.

Longing is a doorway to Belonging, leading me to my passions, my purpose, my people. I pursue what my heart aches for as if my life depends on it. Because it does.

Permission flags are mine to wave. I give myself permission to be who I am fully, and in each moment, to listen to my dreams, my insights, my sorrows, my deepest, most intuitive hunches for no other reason that they are mine and have been sent as guides from beyond.

Magic is my birthright. “Abracadabra” means “I create as I speak” and I use my thoughts, my words and my energies to create the life I love with wild abandon.

In my truth lies my freedom. I endeavor, no matter how difficult, to tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth. To my community. To my self. And as I do so, I unleash the radiant force field that is my most authentic, alive self. And the world craves more authentic people who have come alive.

A vulnerable “No” can be the best gift I give another. A daring “Yes” can be the best gift I give myself.

Happiness is an inside job. I cannot control what happens to me, but I can control the attention I give it and the meaning I assign it. Nothing is more important that me feeling good right now, so if I can’t change the circumstance, I change my thoughts ABOUT the circumstance.

My light is meant to shine bright. I surround myself with the people, places and events that make me feel more alive, more aligned, more of my SELF. And my life thanks me for it.

In stillness I find my truth. Daily I lay my ear down to my soul and listen hard.

My vibe attracts my tribe, and my tribe is thriving. When I forget who I am, they re-member me back to myself, by reflecting back to me the thrival at my core. My thrival is a non negotiable truth that lives inside me, it is my soul incarnate, and as such is not dependent on circumstances or outcomes.

Lost and Found are not conditions, they’re choices. My most divine gift is the power to choose. Whatever shows up in my life, day to day, moment to moment, I get to choose who I will be.

I choose Found.
I choose Bliss.
I choose Belonging.
I choose Me.

I choose, today, to thrive.