August 27 - September 3 2018

Scottish Highlands Tour


Bagpipes have an eerie effect on you. When one sounds, it’s as if something inside you stands up. Something old. Something half-remembered, half-dreamed, but wholly adored. Standing stones are like a magnet, calling you to their center. You don’t know whether you want to dance, sit in quiet contemplation, or sing up the moon. But you want to be with them. Heathered moors, sweeping fields of green, and foggy cliffs have always felt like home. Some home you can feel in your soul bones. And men in kilts? Please. YES, PLEASE.

Braveheart. Outlander. DiVinci Code. Even Hogwarts. How many beloved tales have centered around characters – both real and imaginary, but all legendary – in Scotland? The country is rich with stories and drenched in myth. And you are part of that myth. Somehow. Some way. And it calls to you like a lover from another life.


Drench yourself in magic. Join me in Scotland!



We’ll visit castles and cathedrals. Roam the glens. We’ll explore the fairy pools on the Isle of Skye and visit Nessie at Loch Ness. We’ll wander gardens and abbeys and ancient ruins. We’ll stand on Culloden and feel the brave hearts who fought there. And standing stones. We’ll get lost (and found) inside them. We’ll visit the famous Rosslyn chapel from the Divinci Code, Stirling Castle from Braveheart, Castle Leoch,  (home to Colum MacKenzie from Outlander) and even ride the Hogwarts Express.

Coming along with us is our own driver and guide, a storyteller born and raised in Scotland, full of legends and myths. We’ll be tooling along in a comfy small sized van, for our group will be tribal and intimate. No big crowds with hopping shenanigans. Our days will be filled with scenery, stories and songs, and our nights will be filled with as much music and dancing as we can stand!

We'll visit

  • Stirling
  • Fife
  • Callendar
  • Loch Ness
  • Dunkeld
  • Pitlochry
  • Isle of Skye
  • Culloden
  • Malaig
  • Glencoe
  • Glasgow

What's Included

  • 7 nights accommodations in hotels, lodges, b-n-bs
  • Daily transport by van
  • Personal driver and storyteller
  • Your own muse
  • Entrance fees to all castles, historical sites and museums
  • Ride on the Jacobite steam train (Hogwarts Express)
  • Ferry rides
  • Entertainment events
  • And a handful of surprises - you know how we roll!


Join me for the Edinburg Fringe Festival

and Bagpipe Military Tattoo 3 Night Pre Package! August 25-28

For three nights we'll stay and play in the historical Old Town of Edinburgh. We'll walk the Royal Mile, eat at the local pubs, shop like we mean it, but more importantly, we'll PLAY! Edinburge Fringe Festival is in town and it's the party of the year. If you're not familiar with it, google it. The streets are full of performers and shows of all kinds are in theaters all over town: cabaret, comedy, puppets, musicals, concerts. It's good old fashioned zany fun.

We'll also be attending the last night of the Edinburgh military tattoo... a bagpipe spectacle like you've never seen. Complete with fireworks, dinner and drinks in the Edinburgh castle, a private bagpipe show prior to the event, and our own escort to the venue!


Red Palace Scotland Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh


Included in your package:

  • 3 nights in a killer townhouse lodging in Old Town
  • Tickets to a Fringe Show
  • VIP Tickets to Edinburgh Military Tattoo Spectacle
  • Tickets to dinner and private pre-show event in Edinburgh Castle (where we'll literally bring out the haggis!)
  • Cocktails at the Castle
  • Your own muse juice tour guide

Edinburg Fringe Festival and Bagpipe Military Tattoo -

What people say about Muse Juice Tours

You shared Paris with me – Magician-like – in the left hand- a bountiful bouquet, in the right – an ancient mirror – reflecting my own artist-muse soul. I can’t thank you enough dear Angi. Everyone should see Paris with her muse.”

Julia T., New Mexico


“Euphoria! I am singing! I NEVER sing out loud! My heart is so full I can’t keep from singing! You’ve enriched my life and all the lives around me. You are a “domino” effect!”

Cindy G., Oregon


“You’ve changed my life. I loved Paris and all its delights, but our conversations were real magic for my real life. I cannot thank you enough.”

Cindi L., Texas


Pure magic and the trip of a lifetime. Angi’s special talents as a muse-ologist manifested on so many levels throughout the trip. She revels in the wonder that is everywhere and brings you in on the journey! She is a hurricane of energy and an inspiration at every turn. I feel so truly feel so blessed that we “will always have Paris.”

Ann P., Rhode Island


“A dream come true. Paris has been filled with treasure for the eyes, glimmering gold, patina, lights, song, laughter and true joy. But the biggest nugget of delicious treasure is the time with you. You’ve changed my life, my art, my vision.”

Jennifer M., California


“Thank you for sharing your Paris with me, a place of intoxicating warmth, whimsy, charm, wonder, tattered beauty and golden opulence. Our conversations opened doorways for my seeking soul. Every step, every experience, each adventure with you has been a precious treasure in my heart palace. You are a gift on so many levels.”

Catherine S., New Mexico  

“I had no idea that Angi in Paris would bring me into myself, the self that’s free to fly…”

Bill H., Rhode Island


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