All You Ever Needed to Know about MUSE CAMP!

And please, check back often. There will be added info to this FAQ post as we get closer to our camp date!

What airport should I fly into?

Albuquerque -It’s typically easier and cheaper to get in and out

Santa Fe – closer, if you can find a good deal!

From Albuquerque it’s a 2.5 hour drive (no stops) to Taos.

From Santa Fe it’s a 1.5 hour drive (no stops) to Taos.

How do I get to Mabel Dodge?

There are shuttle services from ABQ and SF airports to Taos. They only run a few times per day, so getting one depends on your flight schedule.

Here are two of them:

Twin Hearts Express 575 751-1201

Taos Ski Valley Shuttle 575 776-2291

You can also rent a car. Depending on price, it could be quite affordable to do so, especially if you are sharing a ride with two or more people. AND THIS FACEBOOK PAGE IS PERFECT for planning such things with your fellow campers!

USE THE FACEBOOK PAGE to find a ride share or make transport plans! Team work can make a dream work! It’s located here.

Do I need a rental car in Taos?

Not unless you really want one. Everything you need can be found on foot. And if not, we’ll help you. You’re staying right in the heart of Taos, with shops, galleries, restaurants and cafes a five minute walk from your door.

When should I arrive on the 12th?

Check in on the 12th can happen any time after 3pm. You can also come early, put your bag in a corner and just enjoy the property until your room is ready. Our first gathering will be dinner on the 12th at 6pm. After dinner we’ll have our first play date, but we’ll make it an early night since so many of you will have had a busy travel day.

Can I come a day early to enjoy a full day at Mabel’s?

Yes, there are cheap hotels in the area. If your plane can arrive on the 11th, it’s easy to stay at the Albuquerque airport (or nearby) for cheap. You can also consider coming to Taos on the 11th, and stay for $50-$60 for a night. Either option would allow you to break up your travel day, and score some extra hours at Mabel’s, which is well worth it.

Since Taos is so far from a major airport (Santa Fe 1.5 hours or Albuquerque 2.5 hours), it can be nice to break up your travel day. If you come a day early, you can use that extra night just to rest up and prepare for your gorgeous, glorious MUSE CAMP play!

What time does the gathering begin on the 12th?

6pm dinner and a play date after.

What are the options for the Santa Fe add on experience?

We’ll organize ride shares and book a suite of Santa Fe rooms. It’s $200 for the overnight, and we’ll spend the 16th and all of the 17th with you (unless or until you have to get to your flight!)

Is there a shuttle service to the airport from Santa Fe?

Yes, and you can ask both of the above companies where they pick up in Santa Fe.

What should I pack? 

Your sense of humor

Something cool (it’s warm during the day)

Something warm (it’s cool at night)

Ear plugs + white noise for easy sleeping in a double room

Mad Tea Party gear (wear a hat, bring a teapot)

Loose comfy clothes (for yoga or dancing – totally optional!)

Something to share that inspires you. Preferably two or three things, as we’ll share during the salons

(art, poetry, song, favorite quotes, a weird talent, )

A photo of you at five years old (or there ‘bouts)

An object that represents creative freedom and/or wild abandon

A camera

What is the cancelation policy?

We know things happen. It’s called life. We just need to inform you that Mabel’s runs a very tight ship, is outrageously popular because of its uniqueness and therefore retreat space is extremely hard to come by. Typically they book 1-2 years in advance. We reserve early and pay in advance to our stay.

For these purposes, and because of the commitment, time, energy and thoughtfulness it takes to put together an awesome retreat, our cancelation policy is as follows.

120 days (or more) before retreat – Full refund minus $250

60 – 120 days before retreat – Full refund minus $250 IF we can fill your spot. If we cannot fill your spot there is no refund. We’ll make every effort.

Less than 60 days before retreat – No refunds

If you have an emergency we will make every effort to credit you towards a future event minus the $250 registration fee. Contact us for details.