Who Stole the Tarts?

A poem written by Angi Sullins, illustrated by Silas Toball

Once upon a time I belonged to a writers group and was given a timed writing prompt entitled "Thief!" My mind wandered from armed robbery to car hijackings but ultimately settled on fear, specifically, how fear is the ultimate thief of creativity. Whether you are a painter, sculptor, dancer, weaver, journaler or none of these things, you are a Life Artist. You are engaged, daily, in creating your masterpiece on life's canvas. This is no small task, for exploring and sharing our unique creativity often leads to fear. And before we know it, we're playing small, dumbing down, settling for less, never realizing our greatest potential.

And so there comes a time when we must steal our courage and steel our spines. We must take the chances, borrow the bravery, capture the possibilities. We must steal the tarts - those dreams and goals so delicious, so delightful they seem out of reach - away from the villain of fear.

This poem popped out of a writing prompt, but it travels to you on a platter of silver wishes. I am daring you to step up, to play big, to always settle for more.

I am daring you to steal the tarts.

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