An athlete who aims for the Olympics needs a coach.

An artist who yearns to turn pro needs a mentor.

A mystic who seeks enlightenment needs a guide.


Your mind is an athlete.

Your heart is an artist.

Your soul is a mystic.


And I am your guide.

I am a thrive*ologist. I create tools with which you can discover and develop your muchness for thrival-based living. I spent more than a decade helping artists find their original voice, and create their unique brand in the marketplace. The last decade I’ve assisted Life Artists through transformation, as they turn their lives into their greatest creative achievement.

What is a Life Artist?

You are.

Everything you do in life is art. That makes you a Life Artist.

Paint with your true colors.


Your greatest tools as a Life Artist are your true colors: your authenticity and confidence. Your authentic self is the doorway to radiant life; a life pulsing with purpose, prosperity, dazzling wellness and delicious love.

But more importantly, your authentic expression is the key to the one thing we all want: happiness.

The world needs your happiness, and the unique contribution that springs from it. We don’t need another Oprah or a Dalai Lama or a Lady Gaga. We need you: the unfiltered, raw juice of your most authentic, empowered, successful self. We need you to swill your freedom, so that we can taste our own. In a word, we need you to THRIVE.

Your life is the art you’re creating for the world to see.

I’m here to help you make it a masterpiece.

And speaking of art, this is my defining image.

This painting by Michael Parkes is a depiction of me falling in love with you falling in love with yourself.

I hold the mirror to show you your true colors. In our time together, we won’t so much acquire or attain your radiant self, as we will uncover what is already there.

Cuz that’s just it. You’re magnificent. And so much more than you know.

My goal Is to have you see it. To gaze deep into the mirror’s depths with a clear, bright heart sighing, “I like you. You glory-fingered, winged-wonder, emerald-city-jewel-sparkiling-lightning-fire-ring-dancer…I really, really like you.”

And mean it with your whole life.

If you’re interested in life becoming your masterpiece, I encourage you to apply for my one-on-one coaching experience. Because it is an intense program with a success-story track record, I only offer it to a handful of radically committed seekers each year.

You must be serious. You must be ready. You must be seriously ready. And you must apply.

If you are seeking revolutionary creativity, radiant confidence, life purpose, bad ass business skill, financial prosperity, grief-relief, love, bravery, radical self care, luminous health, or thriving relationships, I’ve got you, and you’ve got this.

Let’s talk.

Who My Coaching is For

We will be a fit if you are…

  • Tired of standing in your own way
  • Willing to be held accountable for becoming the brilliant Life Artist you were born to be
  • Ready to discard your limiting beliefs
  • Excited by synergy
  • Undaunted by the prospect of facing your fears
  • Committed to turning “someday” into “today”
  • Ready to turn hope into confidence and possbility into reality
  • Prepared to receive a confidant and champion
  • Able to accept and rise to a challenge
  • Excited about your greatness
  • Eager to create lasting change
  • Committed to being brave
  • Prepared to release habits that hold you back
  • Ready to achieve and sustain measurable results.
  • Willing to exceed your own expectations
  • and, above all, willing to do the work so that this experience pays off for you 100 fold

We will not be a fit if you are…

  • Willing to settle for less instead of more
  • Unwilling to release self sabotaging habits
  • Ok to live with “What If syndrome…”
  • Uncommitted to your own greatness
  • Reluctant to be truly seen
  • Addicted to poverty thinking
  • Happy with mediocrity
  • Afraid of showing up
  • Unable to access your bravery

The types of clients I choose to work with include:

Truth Seekers – Those seeking their purpose and authentic self

Do you feel like you’re meant to do something meaningful with your life but you don’t know what it is?

Do you feel like something’s missing?

Do you feel like there must be more to life than this?

Are you willing to work hard, but would rather work smart and play smarter?

Do you ache to care for your own self the way you care for others?

Do you wonder if you’ll ever do that thing you’ve always wanted to do?

Do you want to discover your purpose and live it passionately?

Do you fear you’ll die with the song still inside you?


If you answered “yes” to two or more of the above questions, you’re involved in the business of  BECOMING, and we’re all doing it, all the time.



Only sometimes becoming turns into our full time job. Sometimes, it becomes an obsession. Sometimes, as Anais Nin said, “the risk to remain tight in the bud is more painful than the risk it takes to blossom.”

This is perfectly natural. For millennia, communities had their own ways of managing self-discovery. There were rituals and initiations, deep inquiry and vision quests. There were fasts and ceremonies, elders to help guide the younger generation and trusted leaders whose wisdom supported both individual and tribe.

Our modern society affords us much luxury and convenience, but we’ve lost some of the support that really matters. I’m here to be that support, to see in you what you cannot yet see, and to hold that vision until you become it. And you WILL become it.

There is a greatness in you. A uniqueness that only you can offer to the world. It’s your essence, and it’s how you will experience true abundance, both within yourself and out in the world.

And the thing is, nobody is going to come along and wave a magic wand in order for you to become your dazzling self. Not even me. Only you have the power. It’s hard work, but it is the true work of your life, and the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do. I am your companion and guide in this process of great unfolding, and I won’t let you settle for anything less than your most radiant, fully blossomed self.

You got this. And I got you.

Cocoon Weavers - Those in the Dark Night of the Soul


St. John of the Cross called this time in your life the Dark Night of the Soul.
Things go dark. They break up. Break down. And before you know it, your deep inside a cocoon you don’t remember making. The life you knew before no longer fits, but the wings of the new life you’re growing aren’t ready yet.

You’re in the deep, dark mush of transformation. It’s painful and scary, but it’s also metamorphosis.

Every sexy soul I know has been through this process. More than once. If you’re in it right now you have my compassion, but not my sympathy.

This is the best thing that could happen to you. Metamorphosis is how you get your wings.



People are going to tell you to get a new man. Get a new job. Get a new bod. (Join a gym. Start a juice fast. Try some bow tox.) Change your hairstyle, your wardrobe, your attitude.

But that’s now what I’ll tell you. Because all of those actions won’t get you out of the dark night chrysalis you’re encased in, and I know, because I’ve lived it:

The way in is the only way out.

You’re growing wings and by God, they’re going to be stunning, and they’re going to give your life flight.

But first, mush.
First, hell.
First, the ugly unbecoming of your metamorphosis.



It’s ok. Like life and death are natural, so is transformation. And like life and death, it is sacred business. And messy. You need a guide who can champion your journey through the dark, and hold the image of your wings.

I started my path when I was 28. When my friends were establishing careers and starting families, I was paralyzed from the neck down in an surgery-gone- wrong
At age 30 I was raped on a blind date
At 35 I lost my business child and my fortune
At 41 I lost the love of my life

I don’t have to tell you that you can trust me. But you can trust me. I’m a
breakdown/breakthrough specialist and wings are my business.

Nothing you share can cause me to doubt or judge you. You’re safe with me and the chrysalis is familiar ground to me.

I cannot save you from pain, but I can alleviate the suffering. I can companion your sacred solitude and champion your journey through the dark night. You will emerge stronger, and lighter and truer than before.

I am certain of it.


Dream Birthers - Those who seek a creativity partner to actualize their dream project in the world.

You know who you are and are confident and passionate. You’ve had some success, perhaps a great deal of it. But there’s some itch on your soul you must scratch: it’s a new dream project, bigger or more challenging than you’ve tackled before. You sense you can do it, but you need a trusted source to help actualize it and see it birthed into the world.

A new direction with your art. A new business. The redesign of an old business. A charity venture. A community outreach. A world mission.

Or that novel you’ve always wanted to write.

Whatever the dream, you know that synergy is key to getting it birthed into reality. You ache to partner up with a trusted source with whom you can brainstorm, strategize, share ideas, test new waters, and take creative action. You ache for a trusted opinion, a second perspective, and someone to have your back while you brave new territory.

Creating success is vitally important to you, and you know in order to do that you need to work with someone who can see clear and talk true. Not a cheerleader who will only tell you what you want to hear, but a champion of your dream, guiding you through tough choices and tougher truths.

Sure, you could do it on your own. But you don’t want to spend that kind of time and energy out there striving when you could see results faster, with greater ease, and have more time to enjoy the reality of your dream.

I love new projects. I adore creativity and the challenges of dream midwifery. To see you swell with possibility and help you birth it into probability? Well, that’s just plain delicious.

Tell me about your dream.

Professional Muses - Those in leadership roles who need to refill their inspiration well

You’re in a position of leadership. Your work requires that people turn to you for guidance, healing or inspiration. And every muse needs to refill her well of inspiration.

You need to be able to turn to someone you can trust, someone familiar with the demands of leadership. You ache to be able to express yourself, even at your crappiest, lowest, most burnt-out moments, and know that you won’t be judged or criticized.

Staying inspired and juicy is key to remaining effective in your work, and in your play. In fact, playing for the sake of your own enjoyment, creating a space just for your innocence, and indulging your curiosity and uncertainty in a trusted environment keeps you aligned with your highest calling, and allows your genius to shine, empowering others more effortlessly.

Being in a position of authority can get lonely. Being in a position of authority while also bringing forth the best in others through inspiration and healing can be downright depleting. It’s difficult at times to find your own muse, because your bar is set (and justifiably so) quite high. It’s rarified air up there.

But sharing with a creative equal brings solace, healing and stimulation. Your enthusiasm reawakens. Managing your vitality becomes less effort and more pleasure. And your personal and professional world comes alive when you experience pleasure….the pleasure of play, of well being, of inspiration, of synergy.

Caring about other people is what makes you such an effective leader. Caring about their inspiration and healing makes you an awesome muse. The world needs you at your best.

Tell me about your leadership journey, and let’s muse.


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