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October 2, 2020

On the Move –

We’re on the move south today. Investigating a few homes and event spaces in England. First stop is Haworth, home to the Bronte sisters. We’ll be looking around the cliffs that inspired Wuthering Heights and then move onto Oxford and the Cotswolds. Covid is on the rise in this area so we will be out and about very little, but will report on the wonders found!    
October 1, 2020

House Inspiration –

FINDING WONDERLAND – Part 15 – THAT CEILING THOUGH! Even though this one doesn’t suit our needs, I couldn’t resist sharing its beauty with you. We’re finding a lot of these church conversions and some have the most charming features. Love the outside color of this one and that ceiling sends me on a magical journey every time I look at it. Checkered kitchen! AHHH! The inspiration! What would you most love to create here? .                
September 30, 2020

Be Transformed by the RENEWING of Your Mind

If you’re in the midst of struggle or overwhelm —this is an offering of sacred truth in a sacred space to help you remember WHO YOU REALLY ARE and of what power you come from. I love you.    
September 29, 2020

The Gypsy in Your Soul…

She could no longer contain the gypsy in her soul. The gypsy escaped one night, and covered her life in glitter. Ever after, she belched at will, and in public. She wore cowboy boots, flapper hats and anything with fringe. It was not uncommon to see her squatting in the side yard, freeing her bladder among the hollyhocks and clover. “Ya’ll” and “wheeeee!” and “fuck” became her favorite words, and she worked them into even the most banal of conversations, of which she had very few, no longer being someone who entertained banal conversations. She said no a lot more, […]