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February 26, 2015

On Showing Up – A Muse Juice Tribal Experiment

As I explore the meaning of tribe, and what we each seek to gain from the experience of tribal connection, something occurs to me. While we all ache to be in the presence (physically) of a group we find both stimulating and meaningful, I am sensing the bigger issue here is the desire to be fully seen and embraced (or re-membered, as I like to call it.) Physical gatherings, when they occur with intention and purpose, provide a direct experience of kindling, because people show up. THEY SHOW UP. To the event, to the gathering, to the soul fire found […]
January 12, 2015

Who Stole the Tarts? (A Poem for Artists)

The Prince of Hearts stole the tarts or was it the Mad Hatter? He was last seen having tea and growing slightly fatter Said the March Hare “How can you care?” “Does it really matter?” Aye, it’s the Queen~ oh how she screams o’er the empty platter: “Off with his head! I’ll see him dead! I”ll leave his soul in tatters!” At the queen’s decree her court did flee you should have seen them scatter But Alice knew what she must do she grabbed a bowl and batter With kitchen smarts she baked new tarts and finished with a clatter […]
December 12, 2014

Worlds within Words within Worlds

this is a silent poem a wordless poem a single moonpearl poem found at the bottom of a lake made of hushed footfalls at twilight and the fluid feathers of dawn this is a wordless poem because words fail me words like exquisite words like euphoric loosen their ballast and rise from the tongue as hot air balloons to be swallowed by renegade clouds in a carousel sky words like saffron and sublime silken sumptuous words like plump pillows stuffed with lavender kisses, embroidered with heathered hopes strewn across an opium bed fold in on themselves, falling away from my […]
November 13, 2014

The Second Chance Cafe

In July of 2000, I drove myself to Daytona Beach, 20 minutes west of my house in muggy, Central Florida to see Disney’s new film “The Kid.” I love most anything with Bruce Willis and the previews for this film were particularly fetching. I bought some Raisinets and settled into my chair in the darkened theater. The hour-and-a-half celluloid passed in a blink. This is what happened in the dark: The main character in the film, Russ Duritz, a sharp, clean cut, professional image consultant, who is about to turn forty, meets up with his pudgy, lisping, unkempt eight year […]